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Guess who was at the Dharma Booth?

By Tapdawg,

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Hey Everyone! So after the panel I headed down to the Dharma booth to see if the bluetooth was working properly now, unfortunately it’s still not working. However, Damon and Carlton also stopped by the booth and took the tests. I got video of both them taking the tests as well as asking them questions afterwards. I’ll be posting those later tonight when I get back to my hotel. Until then, enjoy this picture:
dAMON AND cARLTON.JPGYes, The guy on the left is non other then Jeff Jensen aka Doc Jensen of EW fame… he took the test too. Thanks to Brian for the heads up that the man on the right is Gregg Nations!

P.S. Damon and Carlton both took the test ‘Io’ and Jensen took ‘Europa’.