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Harold Perrineau Backs Obama

By docarzt,

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harold-obama.jpgHarold Perrineau joins a gang of Obama supporters for a pop version of one of the Senator’s speeches.  Harold sings a few lines in the song alongside Kate Walsh, Scarlett Johanssen, Michael Jordan, and others.

You can watch the video here.

  • alphasigchainsaw

    From Team America: World Police, “It’s our job to read the newspaper, and then say what we read as if it’s our own idea.”

    I wish celebrities would stay out of politics. We have enough bureaucrats in the real world. Please don’t bring it into what we use to escape (TV, Movies, Music, Books). I truly enjoy Harold Perrineau, but regardless of who he backs, I’m not going to vote for a candidate because he or any other actor think they’re great. That’s just silly. My 2 cents anyway. Ummm…errr…What is the monster?

  • docarzt

    For the record: The purpose of the report is not necessarily to promote his candidate, just his appearance in a piece of propaganda related to that candidate.

  • alphasigchainsaw

    Sorry Doc if it sounded like I was chastising you, it wasn’t intentional. I have no qualms with it being mentioned and feel it is most appropriate, seeing as Harold is very LOST related. I’m just tired of celebrities telling people what their political views should be, regardless whether they are republicans, democrats, libertarians, or anything else. And I don’t have speakers at work, so I can’t actually hear what they’re saying. Maybe I spoke too soon and misunderstood what the video’s about.

    So why do the freighties want Ben? Gotta be for something he knows about the island. I think Ben’s just the vehicle to get what it really is they’re after.

  • docarzt

    Not at all alpha, just wanted to make sure I put that out there. The video is one of Obama’s speeches put to music, essentially.

  • neoloki

    Actors (or any celebrity for that matter) can voice their opinions about politics like anyone else. Naturally, we are going to here about it because of their access to mass media. But, is it really any skin off your back if they want to say who they are supporting. Don’t be so defensive, it’s an opinion. You can take it or leave it, but they have every right to voice it to the public.

    newspapers, corporations, business leaders, writers, artists and even cab drivers all do the same thing. It is only a matter of how many people are hearing it. let them speak.

  • docarzt

    For what it’s worth, I’m voting for Benjamin Linus

  • Koobie

    John Locke 2008: It’s not what your island can do for you, its what you can do for your island!

  • themachine

    i gotta go wit hdoc on this one, Ben Linus in ’08 hahaha.. hey Doc, what is the email address, that I can send you a Post for the site to?

  • sk8rpro

    A Lost election?! That’s frickin’ awesome!

    I can see it all now…

    Island Election 2004

    Benjamin Linus: Good afternoon. You know my goal. We as a group of people are to provide the ultimate experience on this Island. If you elect me, I will provide the following – 1) protection from outside forces and forces on this Island 2) research to produce population. We have problems with women bearing children and the mothers to survive. I promise to do any means necessary to stop this problem. 3) Listen to my people. I want to provide an enjoyable programs while not working. I already have an awesome woman, Juliet, leading a book club coming up. Book clubs, games, music, anything to provide a great experience.

    Jack Shephard: Everyone needs to vote for my leadership. We all know that people are looking for us in the wrong direction. We all know there are problems in the jungle, crazy people, and sickness on this Island – but I will do whatever it takes to fix you!
    Everyone needs to unite with me together, because if we can’t live together … we’re going to die alone.

    John Locke: Each one of us was brought here, to this Island, for a reason. There is something about this place which is special. Jack is right about one thing, no one is looking for us in the right place – and we need to keep it that way! I know I have a lot of explaining to do about the things I’ve done to keep us here. But there’s one thing I can guarantee – safety. There’s not much time, if anyone wants safety, they need to vote for me.

  • nurse m

    Yeah.. I could really care less who HP endorses.

  • nurse m

    that being said.. it was a pretty cool video

  • gusteaux

    Desmond: No need for an election, brotha. I can tell you who’s gonna win.

  • sk8rpro

    I just set up a poll on the Fuselage for the Lostaways. You can find it here.

    May the best candidate win!

  • Eric

    Hope Harold is a better singer than an actor…

  • Stilts

    Sometimes we forget celebrities are people with thoughts, ideas, opinions, ect. It’s no different than us talking about why we like a candidate, just we aren’t famous so nobody would give a crap.

    It’s just him showing support for who he is wanting to win. I would do the same, in support of my pick too, if it was possible. Well maybe not the singing part.

  • FunBoxBoards

    docarzt said:
    “For what it’s worth, I’m voting for Benjamin Linus”


  • neoloki

    Hurely would be the most effective island Prez. Seeing as he is definitively the most popular figure on the Island and now that he has the super delegate Jacob offering support He could unify the Island once an for all.

    Hurley in 08…umm.. could that be 04 or maybe 10. Damn, time warping sucks for election cycles.

  • Vince

    Ummm… I watched this video and I do not see Michael Jordan in it anywhere. I see a lot of Famous African American Men, but none being Jordan.

  • Wes

    You are right about that…. MJ is not in the video