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Hiatus Survival Kit – Really Missing Lost?

By Koobie,

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survivalkit.jpgLast week you enjoyed some of the prospective flings that would make up for Lost’s abscence from your life, but you found you wanted something that shares most of Lost’s most attractive features.

The bunnies are back to hop all over what has been deemed not canon and still dips into the wonderful Lost universe.

Only three weeks left! Hang in there.

ARG – Hoodlum – Find 815

find815.jpgTo keep us entertained a month before Season 4 ABC launched Lost’s second ARG (Alternate Reality Game), Find 815.  The story started out with Sam Thomas, an x-employee of Oceanic Air, and his search for his fiancee, Sonya, who had disappeared along with Flight 815.  This plot came with fun minigames, hidden items, and a great cast which captivated us all the way up to the premiere.

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows though, for when Darlton said it was not cannon, they meant it.  The story directly conflicts with “Confirmed Dead’, and the only input the writers had on the ARG was the basic concept of the wreckage discovery.  The ending turned out to be anti-climactic and left Sam in a dark and lonely place. (He still hasn’t given up hope though!)

If you missed the ARG the first time around, you can download our 43 minute video recap (right-click and hit save as) encoded with DivX.

Dharma Bunny Rating: 4 out of 6

Music – The Others – Lost Band

For this one, I’ll let Tommy ( The Others band member) give you the low down:

“We are a band that writes songs about LOST.  We are
called the Others
and we’ve been

writing and recording songs about LOST for a couple of
years, including songs for nearly every episode of season 3 and the
episodes of season 4 [most recently ‘Not Yet’ for MKJ].  We
go to great lengths to make the songs as interesting as possible and we
really put our hearts into it.  We are not a joke band.  We have
another musical project, but the two have blended together and when we
play live we get lots of request for Others’ songs”

Each song effectively captures the essence of it’s episode.  For instance, “Rat in a Maze” puts to song Desmond’s flash-through in the first ten seconds and mirrors Penny and Desmond’s relationship with its sappy love song ambiance.  As far as Lost cover bands go, (are there any others?) The Others would serenade even the cold Benjamen Linus and cause the Dharma Bunnies to dance.

You can check them out on MySpace.

Dharma Bunny Rating: 6 out of 6

Game – Ubisoft – Via Domus

Feel completely immersed in the world of Lost when you fill the shoes of Eliot, an amnesia stricken passenger of Flight 815. Eliot has no idea who or what he is, but all he knows is that someone is relentlessly chasing him.

The game looks and feels like an episode of Lost, although the voice acting is sub-par (except
for a few actors who graciously lent their voices to the game) and lack luster character models.  The gameplay is mediocre at most, with a linear action adventure game that guides you from season 1 to 2.  Although the game has a spectacular ending, it is sadly non-canon (which is a good thing, the average viewer probably hasn’t even given it more than a passing glance).  If you find yourself needing to plunge into the alternate universe of the island (where everyone sounds funny), give it a rent and power through the 8 hours of gameplay.

Here is Doc’s review of the game.

Dharma Bunny Rating: 4 out of 6

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Comics – The Lost Boys PROJECT

TOON-13_03.jpgIf you haven’t clicked on The Lost Boys Project on the right side of the screen yet, give yourself the treat of reading the humorous comics from our very own contributer, ImFromthePast.

Each comic features our favorite Lost characters in a comical situation.  On the right is one of my personal favorites, Desmond reading the pearl notes from when he and Kelvin were alone for 3 years.  “Looks like ‘Naked weekend’ now includes Friday.”  Ranging from the arrival of Jehovah witnesses to Desmond misinterpreting what Charlie meant by “Not Penny’s Boat,” each comic will give you something to laugh about and email to all your fellow Lost fans.

Dharma Bunny Rating: 6 out of 6
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TV – South Park – Canada on Strike

1204_canadians.jpgThis is completely unrelated to Lost, but I felt that it would be fit to watch a parody on the very thing that is responsible for this Hiatus (and our Lost withdrawl), the writer’s strike.

Even if you were pro-strike or anti-strike (or even pro-writers / anti-strike), there are lots of laughs to be had when the WGA (World Canadian Bureau) strikes for more money.  Poking fun at the writer’s new deal concerning internet media, the boys
embark on a quest to collect theoretical dollars from YouTube.

You can watch the episode streaming from South Park Studios.

Dharma Bunny Rating: 5 out of 6


Have anything else that will help others cope with the Lost void?  Drop me an email with your review and a DBR (Dharma Bunny Rating)!