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Huckleberry Pinhead

By Cat,

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If I were on the island with the kids from Lost, that’s what Sawyer would inevitably call me: Huckleberry Pinhead.

How did I get to this wondrous nickname? ABC has posted a Sawyer nickname generator.

Go here to see what fun passive-aggressive insults Sawyer would come up with for you!

A special thanks to Rinse ‘n’ Repeat (also known as Dana) for pointing this out.

  • UKlostit

    i got “professor” and thought i don’t like that i want to check the options again. so i did and got Eisenstein. lol.
    It would be better if there were more options to select e.g. location age etc i think its too generic.

  • LostMyMarbles

    My nickname is “Quickie”! WTCrap? I’m glad I’m a chick, I might have gotten a complex over that nickname.

  • themachine

    OMG my nick name was “Skeeter” hahaha the weird thing is, that was my chicks nick name in high school many moons ago… Its the island i tell you hahahaha

  • Dan

    Doc i know this is random, but i didn’t know where else to post it. Iv’e just read a review that said confirmed dead was bad. Knowin you have seen the episodes I thought I would ask you if it was really that bad. This is my first post.

  • tanside

    Kinda a lame effort overall, but still a minutes worth of fun nonetheless, and what’s the point of including your name?

  • hersheygal

    I was sweetheart. I don’t know what to think about that!

  • Hell, I would take “sweetheart” over “Herseygal” anyday. 😉

  • ErasedSlate

    Mine came up with Avalanche or Hawking.

  • milo

    Cool idea, but really odd results.

    For me it came up with “Imelda” then “sand dab”.

    What, and what?

  • annli

    Guess they aren’t too original. I got Quickie too.

  • hersheygal

    What’s wrong with hersheygal? 😛 I like sweetheart too though. I wouldn’t mind Sawyer calling me that!

  • Mircat

    I’m a gal and it named me “Chairman Mao.”

  • autochthonous

    Dan: I have seen “Confirmed Dead” and I can tell you this right now – it’s one of the best episodes of Lost I’ve seen. It’s a little different in the story telling, but it’s a fantastic story.

    Whoever told you it was bad must not know what they’re talking about.

  • Haha, I got Freebird. I can live with that nickname. 😉

  • Dan

    Thanks autochthonous, soneone over at the fuselage told me that. by the way i was string bean