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I’m Not a Number – Seek The Six NOT Part of LOST ARG, But Cool Anyways

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seekthesix.jpg was posited as a possible part of the LOST Arg.  In fact, it is an early ARG site for the upcoming remake of the classic series “The Prisoner”.

I played the game all the way through.  To get into the game, you have to click on the logo a crazy number of times.  Don’t worry, you’ll notice a progress meter.  (I’m guessing it is some combination of 6).  Once through you will be shown six galleries.  Each gallery has a picture that contains the number 6, either by a number of duplicate objects or the number itself.   (Hint:  The door with the number ‘6’ is NOT one of them.  Maybe this symbolizes the character’s resistance to accepting his captivity.)  Once you get them all, you get a pic of the new Number 6 and Ian McKellen as Number 2.

Despite the fact that it is NOT part of LOST directly, this should be of interest to LOST fans.  The Prisoner has been cited by numerous LOST luminaries (Lindelof, and Abrams for sure) as an influence for LOST.

An engaging and stylistic allegory, The Prisoner was a short run series that focused on a secret agent who resigns and is subsequently kidnapped.  He awakes to find himself in “The Village,”  a bizarre locale inhabited by fashion-afflicted social zombies who have given up their names for numbers.  Now dubbed Number 6, the agent embarks on a psychological Odyssey — at first trying to escape the bizarre prison, and eventually becoming obsessed with unraveling the mysteries of the village:  who runs it?  Where is it?  Who is number one?

If you haven’t seen the original it is well worth checking out and twangs quite well against the LOST-fan sensibilities.


  • manutius

    The picture of the door is upside down (look at the lantern beside it to see this). So it isn’t a six, but an upside down nine.

  • DocArzt

    Aha! Good catch.