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imfromthepast’s Run-On Sentence Recap: Ab Aeterno

By imfromthepast,

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The scary part is I wrote this around 5:00 this afternoon, 4 hours before the episode aired:

Jack and Company sit on the beach asking Illana questions and getting no answers while we find out that Richard is immortal because he shook hands with Jacob and he was on the Black Rock which we figured out a long time ago.

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  • Funback Joe

    Come on man… take this garbage elsewhere

    • Jim

      Thank you!

  • Mason

    …yeah that was stuff we had already determined. But the rest of the episode was amazing. What about that sentence was weird? And hell, I could have made that sentence even better like 2 weeks ago. Here’s what I would have said. Richard was a slave on the Black Rock and gets freed by the MiB and then eventually he finds his way to Jacob who “touches” Richard, who then becomes unable to die. We all knew that from before. Nothing new. It was all the story and the why and everything else that you couldn’t have predicted. This post is just silly.

  • Brandon

    ummmmm I think we got a sufficient amount of answers in this episode. We found out how the black rock ended up in the middle of the island, how the statue fell over, the purpose of the island and why the man in black is being held on the island not to mention Richard’s entire backstory finally.

  • This is really dumb. Abuse of posting power…

  • Dorf

    You people are being unnecessarily rude. Grow up.

    • bplenc

      no just the right amount of rude in my opinion for this post.

      • SPF22

        I agree. More rude needed for this pile of garbage.

        • Dorf

          Then don’t read the site. It’s free–no one is forcing you to read it. There’s no need to be such a dick.

        • donuteyes

          seriously, a two sentence post? feeling entitled?

  • Aldo lover

    Youre so smart imfromthepast, dont listen to the haters. So what happens in the finale Confucious?

  • I posted this as a result of a chat conversation Doc and I had after the episode aired. Maybe it’s a worthless post, maybe not. Who cares? Sue me. I promise my next post (coming up in a couple of minutes) will be better and more worthwhile.

    • bplenc

      i just don’t get what your trying to prove with this post?

    • ricardus

      you lied.

      “I promise my next post (coming up in a couple of minutes) will be better and more worthwhile.”

      unless by better and more worthwhile you meant stupid and unfunny.

      • Dorf

        Don’t be a dick.

        • ricardus

          why not? the guy put up an AOL instant message as a full page post. I think dick is the perfect response for this waste of time.

          • ricardus

            oh but i guess he made up for it with his super original masturbation comic that my 10 year old nephew thought was hilarious

          • Dorf

            Why are you bothering to read this site if you dislike the content so much?

    • donuteyes

      if this is in reference to a personal conversation that you had with someone, try an e-mail instead of wasting all the readers’ time.

  • dd

    That’s really not a sufficient recap. There’s a lot more that happened.

    • Think of it as the anti-Fishbiscuit recap.

      • Handsome Smitty

        Anti-Fishbiscuit? If you want to do then talk about all the religious – Christian? – symbolism.

        Oh, and the basic good vs. evil theme as well.

        That’ll get her goat!

        • Dorf

          Why, does fishbiscuit not like Christian symbolism? (I’ve not read much of her work.)

          • Handsome Smitty

            Scared of being judged? Who knows. I don’t pretend to like ‘religion’ much either since in many ways and in most denominations (all religions have them) the ‘human’ condition many times overrides the spiritual message.

            She SEEMS to be a humanist, wants to believe humans can make it without ‘divine’ guidance.

            Oh man, she is going to soooo dump on Jacob this week!

            Who knows, who knows….

  • Handsome Smitty

    Seriously, there weren’t as many answers as one would hope. Yeah, we got Richard’s story, but the Island explanation only got…grayer.

    And you have to admit the Hurley/Richard/Isabella moment at the end, if not an answer…well, actually, it’s a really big answer in and of itself.

  • GeigerCounter

    Haha. Everybody laugh.

  • BucK

    This Episode sucked! We already knew all of this. I could care less that the statue was knocked over by the Black Rock! I know that the Man in Black/Smoke Monster is bad and wants to spread evil into the world. I know that Jacob is good/light and wants to contain evil on the island. That was told to us by Locke (the real Locke) in season 1 when he spoke to Walt about light and dark. Flash to opening scene on the season 5 final and it becomes very obvious when we see Jacob and MIB on the beach! Speaking of obvious, this entire episode and how Richard became immortal was obvious! The only thing this episode did was cheapen it by making Richard some poor Spaniard who lost his wife. Then he ends up on the island and becomes another chess piece between Jacob and Smokey so that Smokey can leave the island. And how is it that the Hippie based DHARMA Initiative can leave the island whenever they want but a seemingly timeless powerful creature of darkness can’t? C’MON! He didn’t get the coordinates to leave by now? I would like to see one RELEVENT Episode of Lost this season! JUST ONE! And stop telling me that this is the FINAL SEASON, I KNOWWWWW!!!!!! Stop placating this entire series to people who never watched it until now! This season should have been written with the true fans in mind not the people who heard the final season of Lost is on and are curious about it. This season has been one big explanation of the past 5 seasons after another with a small percentage of it being relevant to fans who already understand Lost because we took the ride from the very beginning! So what to the person who wrote this post 4 hours before the episode aired I say what took ya so long??? I could have written the same thing at 5:00 two seasons ago! Who cares that Jacob and the Man in Black is who we knew they were, and that Richard is a poor Spaniard stuck in hell! So much of this show’s soul has been ripped out of it that there is no hell for it. As far as I am concerned the only way this shows soul could be saved is by putting its true soul back in….Viva La Locke! Oh and for those who are curious and just started watching I mean the “real” John Locke! Don’t know who that is? Too bad, go watch the first 5 seasons and then you can be just as disappointed as I am!

    • bplenc

      stop watching please! if only so we never have to hear you complain again – UGH.

      • GeigerCounter

        I second that

        • guyswherearewe?

          what an idiot you are . Piss off.

    • dudeski

      hmmmm, touting your subjective opinion as objective fact? how pathetic. i liken ab aeterno to star wars episode III – before its release we all knew what eventually happened, we just didn’t know exactly HOW it happened. you know: the particulars.

      so, while you are crying like a fourth-grader about LOST not hand-delivering you the “answers” that you personally desire you’ve completely missed some amazing development of both the character, and humanity, concerning our buddy richard alpert.

      and for someone intelligent enough to know that you “already knew all of this,” you sure seem confused when it comes to the most obvious. the dark antagonist can’t leave because of jacob/the island. duh.

    • Dorf

      BucK, it’s people like you who give fandom–any fandom, not just LOST fandom–a bad name. You have an over-developed sense of entitlement, and a ridiculous level of righteous indignation, and that makes you the kind of fan others make fun of–because you lack proportion. Take a breather. (Besides which, you’re completely missing the point of this season, since pretty much every statement you made is incorrect.)

    • amy

      Seriously? Why are you watching this show and coming to a blog site dedicated to this show if you obvisiouly are NOT a fan. Don’t waste your time if you already know everything and have figured it all out. And certainly don’t waste any more of my time posting your arogant opinions.

      This episode was great IMO. Who cares what I thought I already knew, it was a good story! I enjoyed seeing Richards back story and I like getting confirmation of what I already may have known. ITS A DAMN STORY!! ENJOY IT AS SUCH!! Ugh some people!

  • Jimmy Zer0

    Don’t feed ’em

  • neoloki

    this is a worthless post. I used to visit this site everyday, but with this stuff why should I. What kind of contribution is this anyway. Don’t we get enough snarky posts by just reading comments and now it is a part of the blog itself?

  • neoloki

    You know people are so concerned about getting a litany of answers they are not actually watching the episodes anymore. when you are so focused on one aspect of the show you no longer can see what is actually happening anymore; your not able to appreciate all of the different properties of Lost that actually got you interested in the first place. it is a shame. We they do offer explanations to mysteries they get completely overlooked because people want to be blown away with every answer and that is just not possible.

    • bplenc

      thanks neoloki

    • amy

      Thanks, well said.

  • Some of us want more answers.
    Some of us are happy with what they are getting.

    These are two opinions. Neither is any better than the other.

    Those of us who are tired of the pace of this season and feel disappointed have a right to that opinion.
    Those of us who are pleased as punch with this season and are enjoying the ride have every right to that opinion.

    Neither side has the right to criticize the other.
    Both sides have the right to express their views.

    The only ones who are in any way wrong in this issue are those who criticize the other side.

  • dudeski

    ya, what he said! so let’s all just spout our opinions without ever listening, or even acknowledging, the nay-sayers and their counter-arguments, because, hey, that would make us wrong.

    lolol j/k i love your articles

    • you’re right, what I should have said was it is wrong to criticize the other side for feeling the way they do.

  • MIB


  • Ben

    This episode was truly awesome. Yes, we knew a lot of this already, but I’d been waiting for Richard’s backstory forever and it was just what i expected – epic.

    The character development was essential as it explained Richard’s motivations throughout the entire show. His motivations were the big reveal here, and personally i thought it was great seeing the Mib again.

    Of course the small explanations were relatively meaningless. We didnt need to know about how the statue was destroyed, but the characters of jacob and mib were seriously developed and gives a strong basis for an ending.

  • guyswherearewe?

    To be honest with you all, I am a bit worried here. I posted a comment, on Lostpedia, one which I believed was a really valid comment about the flash sideways at the beginning of the series, and all I got was a torrent of abuse. I recently read the brilliant book by Marc Oramaner, and found this site, which I thought would involve intelligent commentary, and I look on here, and you are all bitching and moaning like primary school kids. I wish the people who want to fight would go somewhere else and fight, and the rest of us, who want to make some sense out of L O S T, and get some answers, well, I wish we could have some peace to discuss that , and figure it out. All you angry people, go to Lostpedia, there are more of your kind there. Go and bitch and moan to your hearts content, and leave the rest of us alone.

    • Not Enamoured

      I agree. I have that this site and many, many others, will blast the hell out of you if your opinion varies just this side of “OMG this was so very F’N Mind Blowing, OMG”. I find that this season is less of what LOST has been and that the writers os said show absolutely depend upon the interwebs to shore up weak writing – the Dues Ex Machina – that will explain all thos mysteries they have written themselves into a corner with. I really enjoyed Richard’s “flashback” because, one, we now know who he was, his life, and what he is. Two, we got the “flashback” in one epidoe instead of seasons of teasings. All the othe stuff -slave, Black Rock, Statue toppling, etc. was just the comformation of all that we, of the interwebs, already knew. There will be those that will state that the end will be F’N Mind Blowing and I’ll kill those that don’t agree and there’ll be those that will think – Eh, that’s it? So with that in mind, let everyone enjoy their own opinion without coming down to playing a game of “Crusaders and Jihadist” as we can all see where that will lead…..

      • amy

        I disagree that this season has been less of what LOST has been in the past, I think it has gone back to its orginal format (which I rather enjoyed), each episode focuses nicely on the characters and has a nice message to be recieved in each episode. If you focus too much on the “answers” you miss the big picture, if you get too worked up on the slow pace you forget to enjoy the journey.

        I agree that everyone is entitled to thier own opinions, I just get annoyed with the negativity sometimes and the complete bashing of the show because it is not living up to unrealistic expectations.

  • MikeB

    these run on sentences just aren’t funny enough to be an ongoing thing. it’s like a rip off of the “all you need to know about lost in 8 minutes” thing, except not entertaining at all.

  • steven`

    Take about one minute to look at the above comments.

  • MikeB

    Steven, is that directed towards me?

  • Audrey Nothling

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