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Is Lost A Cursed Lead-In Show?

By AstroJones,

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lost-512-dead-is-dead-55I’ve wondered for some time why ABC insists on continuing to put new shows that it has high hopes for in the timeslot after Lost. The new show The Unusuals is no different. So is Lost cursed, do these shows just suck, or will ABC ever find that one show that WILL work after Lost?

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  • It seems to be a no-brainer to me. Lost is such a unique show that most of its fans are usually too busy chatting to each other either in person,over the net or over the phone about what they’ve just seen to be bothered with a show that’s coming on afterwards! Surely the only thing to keep the viewers glued to the TV would be something like a “post-game-analysis” type program to fill the hour after each episode?

  • theglasseye

    Good point, although I’d say we get all the best post game analysis on the multitude of blogs we visit after an episode finishes.

  • Wintermute

    I agree. Each week, as soon as the “Next Week on Lost” teaser airs, I click the TV off and turn to my girlfriend with a “Well, what did you think?” Then we discuss.

    But even if I weren’t wrapped up in a discussion, I doubt I would really want to watch anything directly after Lost for 2 reasons: 1. Nothing is as good as Lost anyway, so why try? and 2. After I watch an episode of Lost, my brain is in overdrive, worn out from processing and creating and altering theories…I just don’t want any more input at that point.

    • JJStrange

      I agree with your points. I feel the same way. LOST Overload, overdrive.

  • JJStrange

    We do the same at home…as soon as LOST is over, we either turn it off to discuss and look up info online, or if it was a really wild ep we will immediately re-watch it. ABC needs to give new shows a different time slot or a different day. It’s unfair to put up new shows right after LOST, unless of course they want the show to fail lol

  • KeepingAwake

    Agree with everyone else. Most Lost ans don’t watch another show immediately after Lost because we’re too busy trying to figure out what we just saw and bursting to discuss it with someone.

  • icyone

    It isn’t Lost, it’s a combination of the network, the shows, and the competition. The concept of “lead-in” is obsolete with the invention of DVRs and internet streaming. People will watch the shows they want to watch. Gone are the days of “oh, let’s watch this show because its on after something I watch!”

    You can’t cross-promote or expect your audience to stay from one hour to the next because the first hour was good. ABC should focus on putting out good product after Lost and not worry about whether or not Lost influences the viewership. How do you expect to seriously compete at the 10PM Wednesday hour against two of the biggest modern drama franchises?

  • Dolce

    After I watch Lost on Wednesday night, I rewatch Lost.

    • Mr. Black

      I am still watching last week’s episode. What next? A clip show?