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Jay & Jack Live Featuring Jorge Garcia!

By docarzt,

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Okay guys. I have no idea what happened to my post from last night.  For those who are wordpress savvy, I think WP-Optomize ate it! Anyways, here is the scoop.  Jay and Jack have been doing a marathon podcast to benefit Autism Speaks.  To sweeten the pot, Jorge Garcia will be answer fan questions later today.  Get over there and tune it, it’s a good time.

Join the podcast here.

  • triangulatedsignal

    i have to go to work so im gonna miss jorge!! im so mad lol

    • Mirko

      He’s speaking right now.
      Currently revealing he does not know if the guitar case on flight 316 actually is Charlie’s… Maybe it never was anyone’s idea to replace the rockstar!

      The Numbers in “The Little Prince” (heard by the french team) are spoken by …
      And then Gorge was gone. 😀

      • Mirko

        oops it’s JORGE
        I’m a misspelling master. 🙂

        We are going to see Rose & Bernard again!
        Maybe they are still alive. He didn’t want to say what cloth they will wear next time on screen (propably not Dharma jumpsuits).

        Jorge is a Ben fan. He calls Michael Emerson a nice trustwothy guy (opposed to his opinion about Ben).

  • Mirko

    Of course they had to talk about food. Cheaseburgers, tacos, cucumbers and stuff…

    So funny! 🙂

    Best Dharma Roast Beef Sandwich Ad ever: (Jorge on a sports field)