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Jimmy Kimmel Live – Alternative Lost Endings

By Koobie,

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Do you wish Lost ended differently?  Check out the three alternative endings that Darlton wrote for the Jimmy Kimmel Live Aloha to Lost Special.

  • Latocrates

    Hilarious!! (And all are better endings than what they ultimately used.)

    • JJJJacob

      F*ck you.

  • RichM

    It stinks Lost was on ABC, because if it was on another network, we’d have gotten a cool “farewell” show from Letterman or (If the show ended last year) Conan. But we got stuck with Jimmy Kimmel, a guy who pretty clearly didn’t watch Lost, and was forced to do a million and one hacky bits cooked up by his writers. How bored and “over it” does the poor cast look in those clips?

    • s.w.a.c.

      Based on that lame Top 10 list that Letterman had Carlton and Damon read, I don’t know how cool a farewell show he’d have come up with.

    • mesa

      If you have watched Kimmel regularly you’d know he does in fact watch Lost. I thought the clips were great. Can’t please everyone I guess.

      • RichM

        I’m sure his writers watched it.

      • The_Magician

        Jimmy Kimmel is a HUGE Lost fan.

    • MIBisSATAN

      All chat show hosts treated lost the same. Even in the UK, the main one, Jonathon Ross, resorted to asking Matthew Fox if he was spanked in college, then, in the only reference to the show, ‘So, give us the ending then..’

  • ashcards

    Those were awesome!! I love the Sopranos one

  • dp2

    Wow, which skeleton was that in bed with Kate, MiB or Mother?

    Really, though, aren’t the Sopranos and Newhart ending jokes played out? No MASH or St Elsewhere parodies to go with those?

    And while we’re at it, I don’t want to see any more videos of Michael Emerson making everyday sentences creepy. The poor guy must die a little more each time he’s asked to do that again.

    • brlebu

      A Monty Python ending would have been awesome.

      Imagine seeing the cops investing Smokey-related murders (Mother, Eko, the Temple Others) and then seeing a patrol car pull up between Jack and Locke just before the epic clash on the cliff (amazing scene, by the way).

      I’m laughing just thinking about it…

      • dp2

        We actually got the Rocky III ending as Jack leaped at Locke, fists raised.

  • BNJM

    I lul’ed. Kob is Fate!

  • Ament

    The Sopranos ending was an awesome tribute to the fans that would of been devastated if it actually ended that way. I’ve seen it posted on these boards hundreds of times. So for Kimmel to reinact (granted poorly) the Sopranos ending was paying homage to our opinions.

  • Happy ending! I think so lol :))