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Jimmy Kimmel Live – Another Alternate Ending

By Koobie,

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Here is another alternate Lost ending from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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  • pittfanrls49

    Speaking of Jimmy Kimmel Live…does anybody else remember Damon and Carlton putting the final scene in a lock-box at Comic-Con 2009, saying they would read it on Jimmy Kimmel Live after the finale? If you don’t remember, here is the link to the video on youtube.

    It starts around 2:18 of the video. If this has been addressed somewhere else please forgive me and point me in the right direction. But I don’t remember seeing anyone even addressing it on the Aloha to Lost special. They couldn’t have forgotten…could they? How can we find out??

    • Koobie

      Josh Holloway tasered Darlton for the key to the box and had Michael Emerson read the final page. It turned out to be a Heroes script, here is the clip (the action starts at 5:16):

      • pittfanrls49

        I thought that part was just a joke…but the entire thing was? I was kind of hoping for the proof that they had the end planned ahead of time. I personally believe them but I wanted it to silence the other haters. Oh well.

        • dd

          What does it even matter? it’s an empty argument.

      • pittfanrls49

        …but thanks for setting me straight.

        • Koobie

          Yeah, I think the entire thing was a joke. If you are looking for proof that they planned the ending in advance, re-watch the first episode of season 6. Jack notices a cut on this neck in a mirror-the same cut he received from Locke in the finale.

          • icy_one

            All that proves is that they found a way to incorporate the neck wound from 6×01 into the ending.

          • pittfanrls49

            True, but it would have been cool to have them read the final scene “verbatim” like they said. I really want to believe they had the exact ending planned from the very beginning like the “Supposed Bad Robot Employee” says in your other post. Not for any other reason than I just think it would be cool. Whether they knew all along or made it up the day they filmed it, I loved the ending and the entire series.

  • spacebender

    The dog they chose for this scene was perfect. Hilarious!!

  • JuliusCaesar108

    Man, if that would’ve actually been in the finale, I would’ve been pissed. I am so glad Lost ended the way it did.

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