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Josh Holloway Lost Audition Tape

By triangulatedsignal,

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I came across this video of Josh Holloway auditioning for Lost.

It seems he always had a little bit of Sawyer as we know him lurking inside!

Source : EveryoneLovesAScandal

  • Lost Mom of Four

    Is he not the CUTEST???
    Thanks Tri!

  • august

    this guy has one of the biggest manginas on the planet.

    • Retchie

      Fucktard, you even know what that word means? Dumbass.

  • love his dimples. he is lucky they didn’t have all girls watching that cause while I think he is cute there, I don’t see the badass we learned to love and hate. I am really glad they chose him though.

  • They have the Evangeline Lilly audition tape on the related videos, which is also great because there’s a bit of JJ Abrams, and it includes dialogue with references to the monster killing Jack!

    • missing toe

      That’s because Jack was supposed to get eaten and die in the first episode instead of the pilot. I think they found Matthew Fox and wrote a much different ending, to say the least.

  • professorstotch

    My favorite was the Jorge Garcia tape. He auditioned for the role of Sawyer too:

    • Lost Mom of Four

      I was afraid he was going to take the sweatshirt off…SUPER glad he’s not Sawyer – He makes a GREAT Hurley!