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Juliet, the Love Quadrangle & More: An Interview w/Elizabeth Mitchell (Minor Spoiler Alert!)

By JOpinionated,

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Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak with Elizabeth Mitchell on the set of V for TVovermind. Earlier tonight I posted her thoughts about playing Erica Evans on V and Juliet on Lost, but I wanted to share the entire unedited interview with fellow LOST fans.

A more personal account of the experience is up on my Lost site, and the audio of the interview below contains what I consider to be VERY minor spoilers. Given Doc’s spoiler-free policy, as well as my own, we ask that you please only click to listen to this at your own risk: Jo interviews Elizabeth Mitchell about V & LOST for TVovermind.

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  • AnGIE

    God, I hated what Sawyer became when he was with Juliet. A great character turned into a dull working man. So, I hope none of EM wishes come true, but sadly, they probably will.

    • Handsome Smitty

      Yeah, so much cooler when he was a criminal ripping people off, huh?

      • Liz79

        I didn’t buy into his relationship with Juliet either. One of the reasons is that he was willing to run off and leave Hurley and his friends for her. He also began his redemption before he hooked up with Juliet. May I remind you that after wanting nothing more than to get off that island he jumped out of a helicopter so his friends could safely make it to the freighter.

        • Liz79

          Though I must add that EM is just absolutely lovely! That was a fantastic interview. Thanks for sharing.

        • lylebot

          Yeah, it is completely unimaginable that he left Hurley, the guy he knew for all of three months, for Juliet, the woman he knew for three years.

          He never really wanted to leave that Island anyway. Cassidy was right about him. Juliet, however, really really wanted to leave it, but she stayed on the beach at the end of Season 4 helping everyone else off before herself.

          • Liz79

            Yeah well Lylebot I was talking about why I didn’t relate to the relationship and why I didn’t like it. I’m more invested in what I’VE seen for 6 seasons instead of what I saw in a handful of scenes. Everyone’s entitled to like or dislike certain elements of the show. This is not to say I don’t appreciate Juliet and her relationship with Sawyer, I just didn’t connect with it. And I’m not arguing who wanted to leave more. I’m just pointing out that Sawyer put others before himself before he began his relationship with Juliet.

          • Handsome Smitty

            Juliet was his beard: Sawywer left Hurley for Miles!

          • Liz79

            Yeah, I’m gonna have to agree with you there and say Sawyer totally through Hurley over for Miles.

          • gusteaux

            I’ve just recently come to the realization that MOST women and gay men ship Sawyer with Kate and MOST straight men ship Sawyer with Juliet.

        • Dorf

          What? He was horrible to Hurley for most of the three months they knew each other on the island. They were never good friends, despite Hurley’s attempts to befriend him. Juliet, on the other hand, was someone he lived with for three years, and with whom he was in love. Of COURSE he’d choose her over him. I can’t believe anyone would suggest otherwise.

          • Liz79

            Jeez. I base MY OPINION on quite a number of episodes shown on the show but I’ll be specific:

            Episode 4.9 – The Shape of Things to Come (

            That’s the episode where Alex dies and Sawyer saves(?)Claire from the rocket attack. It also has a couple of other important moments for me. One being Sawyer running out to save Claire even though Ben tells him not to go out. Everyone wondering how on earth Claire survived an attack like that. It also contains the scene where Hurley has a really heroic moment. It’s where Sawyer, with Claire, begs to be let back into the house that the group (Ben/Miles) is barricaded in and Ben telling them not to open the door. Hurley throws a couch through a window allowing Sawyer and Claire to get in. It’s also the scene where Claire and Miles have a very interesting exchange:

            Sawyer asks Claire “You all right, sweetheart?” and she tells him “Yeah, a bit wobbly, but, uh, I’ll live.” to which Miles replies “Well, I wouldn’t be too sure about that.”

            Another exchange that stands out for me and cemented the Hurley/Sawyer friendship is this exchange between Locke and Sawyer:

            Sawyer: “You harm so much as one hair on his curly head, and I’ll kill you.”
            Locke: “Fair enough.”

            So in a nutshell – I can back up exactly why I would suggest otherwise.

          • dp2

            @Liz, Yes, but he was trying to save both his and Juliet’s life by dealing to get off the Island. I think he gave momentary pause when he looked back and said “Good riddance”, but I think it was the right choice for the character at the time. People tend to forget, he was with Juliet for three whole years; he knew the rest of them for a few months, and then didn’t see them for years. His attachments are not surprising.

          • Liz79

            Ok, I absolutely see that. But what I’m saying is that I was disappointed by it and that was one of the reasons that I ultimately didn’t love the Juliet/Sawyer relationship. It’s as simple as it bothered ME. It’s just my opinion and it’s based on my love of the Hurley/Sawyer friendship. That’s all. I’m not getting into any arguments about whether or not Juliet is the love of his life. I’m just explaining why I didn’t love it.

          • Seabiscuit

            I put more relevance in what’s been shown on my TV for the past five and a half seasons than three years that took place completely off-screen. Therefore his friendship with Hurley, and his relationship with Kate, both mean more to me than his relationship with Juliet. And therefore I was angry to see him abandon him and the others to die without a second thought, even if I did understand why he did it. I empathize, but I don’t sympathize. And I saw it as a huge step backward from the man who acted so bravely and heroically in previous seasons.

            Not saying Suliet is completely unimportant (even if I found it completely unbelievable), but I think people are putting too much importance on it. It was a stepping stone for Sawyer’s story and his development, but not its conclusion. (not going to comment on what it did to Juliet and her story since it makes me spit nails enough to open up my own hardware shop. 😀 )

          • dp2

            For at least four of those five and a half years, I saw Sawyer fending for himself and using Kate (though no more than she used him) and, as Dorf said, being cruel to Hurley. His biggest character steps came just before the missing three years. And it wasn’t without a second thought — you’re overlooking the fact that leaving was a last resort to save Juliet’s and his own life.

          • Liz79

            Well, we’ll have to agree to disagree :).

        • dd

          Yeah, totally! Ugh. Those fanboys! Sawyer should be with me!

          • Greg

            GREAT input as always.

        • Dorf

          I don’t think there was much of a friendship at all between Hurley and Sawyer. I’ve just finished rewatching the first four seasons, and all I see of their relationship is constant bullying on Sawyer’s part, slight moments of remorse when called on it, constant hurt feelings on Hurley’s part, a few moments when he got tired of Sawyer’s antisocial crap and told him so, one time when he beat the living crap out of him, and several times when Hurley, being the kind, forgiving soul that he is, put all of this aside and hugged Sawyer anyway. Sawyer putting Hurley aside for Juliet is entirely befitting his character–he’s always been self-motivated and dickish. I know it’s common for fans to romanticize him, and I can fully understand that–Sawyer’s a great character, and I pull for him just as much as everyone else, no matter how much of an asshole he tends to be to everyone around him–but it’s a good idea not to replace what actually happened on the show with how we’d like to interpret what happened.

          • Liz79

            I didn’t, and I gave you evidence as to why I believe what I believe. If you don’t agree that’s your perogative and it’s all good. But I’m not pulling stuff out of thin air. I’m sorry you don’t interpret things the way I do but like I said up top we’re going to have to agree to disagree.

  • dp2

    Love EM more with every interview.

  • notsoshaggy

    She sounds like such a sweetie! Great interview, Jo.

  • RodimusBen

    I think it would have been more powerful to kill Sawyer at the end of The Incident, because his character had really completed its arc and achieved “redemption.” He gave up his old ways and became a heroic figure and a leader in his own right. The romance with Juliet was icing on the cake, showing he was capable of maintaining a long-term adult relationship as opposed to four seasons of children’s games with Kate. Now they have him reduced to his old habits again, and even making googly eyes at Kate again, thus decimating one of season 5’s few redeeming qualities.

    • Greg

      I couldn’t disagree with you more :). Like Liz up top mentioned his arc began before season 5. One can say it went all the way back to the end of season 1. The fact that he survived suggests the writers have a lot more story to tell with him.

      • neoloki

        agree Greg!!

  • Henry Holland

    One of my very favorite scenes of LOST is when Juliet comes out of the jungle to the beach, yells “Danny!” and then fills Pickett full of lead. What happened to the kick-ass Juliet? She ends up burning food again and whimpering for a man. Boo!

    • dp2

      Yeah, I’ve never understood where her kickassness came from (or went). She whomped on both Jack and Kate — both after they surprised her!

    • neoloki

      Well, we wouldn’t want our TV character’s to be emotionally complicated. No one is ever just ow thing. I am sure you can relate to feeling kick-ass one day, and a pussy the next?

    • sneezy

      I say the Juliet we saw in s5 was a Dharma experiment clone and the real, ass-kicking Juliet is still alive out there somewhere. Maybe she went home or something, I don’t know.

      Or maybe she was Room 23ed.

      • Ugly Smitty

        I’ve always assumed Room 23 was used on Juliet, Ethan, Tom and the rest of the Others, resulting in the darker, more dangerous versions of the characters they sometimes were. That’s why they could seem congenial and concerned one minute, and then beat the crap out of someone or abduct their kid the next. And I hope we’ll see that revealed before this season is done.

        I also hope to see Kate romping with the reanimated spirits of Juliet and Nikki, having a pillow fight while wearing nighties. But I suppose that’s less likely to occur.

        • Seabiscuit

          My inner femslash fan is having a heart attack right now. I hope you’re happy.

  • dharmadave

    It bothers me when people claim that Juliet’s character was somehow changed from being some sort of kickass womam who was so above getting involved in romantic entanglements before her relationship with Sawyer and that the relationship with Sawyer ruined her character.

    As for all characters on Lost we got to see a non-linear story arc for the character of Juliet. So the earliest we see her on Lost is as a child bemoaning the divorce of her parents and not understanding how people can fall out of love.

    Then we get to see her being a fertility doctor and having great professional success, but being an emotional wreck due to her divorce from her husband/boss where Juliet clearly was the jilted party, cast aside by a womanizing husband.

    Then she is on the island and falls in love with a married unavailable man, and being courted by Ben who she has no interest in. She was bathsheba to Ben’s david.

    Then she meets Jack and has attraction to him even with all her goals of getting off of the island.

    Then she is stranded on the island and isolated through time travel from her present and anything or anyone that had ever meant anything to her and she beings a relationship with Sawyer.

    Juliet’s fragility and emotional responses to relationshhips, love, and love ending always has been a part of her character, along with her badassness and her genius. That is what always made her a complicated and interesting character to me.

    And forgive me, but it was not her relationship with Sawyer that changed her character. In fact, her character never changed. The time travel story line dictated that some characters would be isolted in the 70’s for three years. Juliet was one of them. Juliet and Sawyer and all of them had to build a life, while trying to hide thier real identities. So sorry, Juliet could not be a fertility doctor or go around shooting people for no reason. It is not that she changed but her circumstances did.

    For Skaters: you believe that Sawyer loved Kate and Kate loved Sawyer all along and that is part of their characters. However, while seperated they both had very big committed relationships with other people. If thier love for each other is such a big part of who they are, then how could that have happened? My guess your answer would be, because of the circumstances. And that would be a valid argument. But I hear many of you, in the same breath saying, Juliet became just a romantic obstacle and her character traits were thrown out the window. Not only do I feel that rational devalues the part of Juliet’s character that showed the importance of love to her, but it also does not take into consideration the circumstances Juliet was in, and how some aspects of her character had to take a back seat.

    I am not a shipper per se, but I was a fan of the relationship that developed between Sawyer and Juliet. I bought it. I did not have to be shown the three years of those feelings being developed to understand that they had built a relationship built on mutual respect, loyalty and love. I think the acting sold that for me.

    While I do feel that there is love between Kate and Sawyer, I never really saw the development of loyalty and respect (especially from kate to sawyer).

    • spacebender

      Thank you for a succinct yet insightful summary of Juliet’s relational history and fascinating character. Though I enjoy the chemistry of Sawyer with Kate and see how transformative it has been for him especially, Juliet remains one of my favorite characters overall and I absolutely delighted in her relationship with Sawyer (and the progression of his character throughout all 6 seasons), and I viewed Juliet’s character as progressing profoundly throughout that time. Clearly, her vulnerability and relational longing has been evident from the beginning (what an intricate soup of terror, sadness and desperation she embodied in seasons 3-4!). Though the circumstances of season 5 called out different facets of her personality than in previous seasons, her courage and strength of heart continued to be evident and her character was becoming more whole even in her dying moments. I completely agree about the consummate acting that made the relationship between her and Sawyer as something fully developed and beautiful. Elizabeth Mitchell is immensely talented, and from what I can see, a delightful person as well!

  • Abigail

    I can totally see your point of view and it is very well stated. I think it comes down to the characters one relates to. I must admit that Juliet was never a favorite of mine. For some reason she just never resonated with me. Which is not to say that I disliked her by any means. I quite liked her. But in this big rambling story, with such a huge cast, you pick your horses early and invest in them. I don’t think anyone can be faulted for that.

    The Suliet relationship for me was always about Sawyer’s progression because between the two it was always Sawyer that I liked more. I don’t discount what Sawyer and Juliet had and I would never dismiss it. I was happy that Sawyer – and Juliet – found some measure of happiness in a bizarre scenario. Having been ambivalent to the Suliet relationship from the beginning I think I probably needed more time to acclimate to it. Haven’t not been given that time I guess that made it easier for me to move on from it.

    Addressing Skate – I’m not a shipper per se either but this is the relationship I happen to like. I’m not invested in the outcome but to me I feel like the story is leading to some kind of Kate/Sawyer ending. Again, I could be wrong but then I’ve been wrong about a lot of my theories on the show. Oh well. I’m happy to see how it plays out.

    To address your point on how Sawyer and Kate could move on to other relationships even if they still loved each other, well people do that all the time. It’s called moving on. I don’t think Kate or Sawyer ever thought they’d see each other again. It was natural and right that they move on. But I think judging from their interaction once they were reunited they, and Juliet, realized that their love didn’t go away. I personally think it’s possible to love more than one person. I guess life is just complicated like that.

    • dharmadave

      Thanks. I totally get where you are coming from too. I have no critisism of anyone who prefers Kate and Sawyer together, and the show of late has seemed to move in that direction and I am willing to wait and see what happens. I do think there is love there between Sawyer and Kate and there is no denying thier chemistry.

      It just irks me when I feel like some Skate shippers react to people who liked Juliet and Sawyer together like they are stupid or not following the show. Or when they dismiss the character of Juliet as nothing more than a obstacle to thier wishes. A preference is a preference and everyone is entitled to thiers. There is a case to be made for both relationships, which is why there is an argument in the first place.

      My overall point I guess is you do not have to devalue a character or the opinion of others to justify your preference. And Abilgal, I appreciate you not doing that.

  • Abigail

    Thanks, Dharmadave. I appreciate you not doing that as well. Yeah, there’s absolutely no need to devalue any of the characters or opinions. In a way it takes away from ones argument and ultimately I think most people have valid arguments. I’ve seen Skate fans also get a good heaping of people reacting to them like they are stupid or not following the show. Guess, each group can get stereotyped and each can give as good as it gets. It also always seemed to me that the writers knew exactly what they were doing with these relationships and characters. It provokes a lot of passion! Anyway, it’s great to have a rational discourse about this. I look forward to hearing some of your other thoughts on the show!

  • Rosie

    I don’t think I ever really liked Sawyer as a character, unless he was with two people – Michael in late Season One and early Season Two; and Juliet in Season Five. Without them, he was never that appealing.