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Lindelof and Cuse Already Working on Lost Experience 2

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A recent article in Variety mentions that Lindelof and Cuse are working on the next ARG:

“Lindelof and Cuse are already busy plotting the off-season interactive
campaign for season five of “Lost.” But they also employ a brand
manager to handle at least 30 different outgrowths of the show,
including mobile games and player platform games to more obscure

As for whether or not THIS round of extra curricular Lost fun will have any impact on the mythology of the show, well, we should know the answer by now:

“Our criteria is, everything you need to know about ‘Lost’ is contained
in the mother ship,” Cuse says. “There are definitely large segments of
the audience that want more. And the ancillary media platforms give us
opportunities to put out stories that might be interesting to some but
not all.”

More at Variety.

  • awesome. well i hope it starts sooner than the find815 game did. this five week hiatus is bad enough but when this season finishes we’ve got a nice long 8 months to pull our hair out.

  • Samfishercell

    SWEEEET. I loved the first one. I was quite let down by 815. SO stoked. Is there a time frame on this yet?

  • Desmundo

    Three words. LOST Comic Books. Seriously. That would be awesome.

  • bzxcvnme

    A causal association for Concerta