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Live Chat Tonight!

By clueless1der,

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Our live LOST chat is going on now!

Keep it spoiler-free, folks. 🙂  Come on in!

(remember to move the pulldown menu to LOST!)

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  • So, Jacob was only the closest match to being a father for Ilana, NOT an actual parent.

    Does this mean they really changed a plotline because of a spoiler? Or was it inaccurate all along?

  • theloveshow

    Ha ha ha. That was totally the bad guy from Real Genius as the Principal!

    • I knew I recognized him from that (Real Genius)!! He has not changed, that classic old movie was like 25 years ago.

      Great casting with the pop culture mixed in like that!

  • Yeah, I know this is way off topic here, but I wanted to post a discussion but it says I have to login. Well I cant find the place where you are supposed to set your account up? Please help…..