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LIVE Episode Chat Tonight!

By clueless1der,

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If you haven’t been into our Live LOST chat, you are really missing out on a lot of fun, theories, and… well… madness! Come on in and join us as before, during and after the episode airs.  If you are using an IRC client, the server is and the room is #lost-chat.

See ya there!

DocArzt and Friends’  Live Lost Chat… HERE!

  • professorstotch

    Madness? This isn’t madness…this…is…SPARTA!

    • dolce

      That’s f-ing hilarious!!!!See you there.

  • dolce

    I am so pissed. I can’t get on! Anyone else?

  • TarHeelLostie

    Neither can I, Dolce! it’s killing me.

  • carl5k

    i can’t get on either

  • ditto

  • however, the statue was awesome!

    Egyptian DOG?!?!

  • TarHeelLostie

    Alright, we’re doing this here, cause there are too many people on lostpedia’s chat. Four toed statue is one of my faaaavorite LOST mysteries. Can’t wait to learn more.

  • dolce

    I know! This is weak. I totally called the statue too and couldn’t be first!

  • What is the deal with the captions! We understand flashbacks by now!!!

    • dolce

      What captions?

  • TarHeelLostie

    Daaamn, i got in and now it won’t let me back in.

  • Since they’re not in the statue’s time anymore, still a mystery.

    My guess – Widmore should be here, maybe the leader of the others who had a “truce” with Dharam?

  • dolce


  • YOu know, the baby/mother dying syndrome started about the time Ben gassed the Island, reckon?

    Ben bad bad Ben.

    Tellin’ ya’!

  • I try to log in with my handle and says terminated.

    Use one of their handles says too many online from site.

    Guess it’s just swamped.

    • dolce

      I get the same thing. Sucks. They need to adress this.

      • dolce


  • carl5k

    the chat on lostpedia works

  • “No, I was in the Ben Initiative!”

  • dolce

    ..friend with the eyeliner…LOL!

  • Okay, the lostpedia chat just plain sucks – like a bunch of kids in there

  • 2 weeks…don’t hold your breath sawboy

    • dolce

      Good call.

  • TarHeelLostie

    Handsome, I hate it too…there are way too many people.

  • Bookhouse Boy

    Enjoyed the episode – the statute – lots of funny lines with Sawyer, Miles.
    Loved seeing Sawyer and Alpert together. I’m glad Juliet and Sawyer hooked up.

  • clueless1der

    People are getting in now… sorry you guys had trouble. 🙁

  • dolce

    Still having the same problem here.

  • lockeheart

    If horace was with this women in the 70’s and he’s with oliva around the 80’s is it safe to assume she dies/leaves/or breaks up with horace, chances are she dies though.
    Also who do you think that child could be, i had good money on annie, but its a boy so i guess that not the case. any ideas?

    • m-lost

      when i saw last nights episode, kinda thought maybe Amy was suppost to die with Paul, Sawyer was changing time by helping her and in return, Amy ends up with Horace?

  • congested

    If you were having trouble connecting to the chat I honestly don’t know what the problem was, but it has been working all night for me. All you need is an IRC client and with it connect to: irc://