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Live Episode Chat tonight!

By triangulatedsignal,

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lost_season_5-copyJoin us tonight for live episode chat in DocArzt very own chatroom.

Talk about the episode as and after it airs. We also discuss theories, characters and all things Lost!

Just click the link and give yourself a nickname:

For those of you using IRC clients connect to server and join #lost

See you there and don’t forget no spoilers and keep it PG13 please!

  • Dolce

    I.Can’t.Wait! Tonight’s episode looks to be epic.

    • triangulatedsignal

      it does!! see u there dolce

  • kicked from chat for making fun of the ben-lovers!!!


    Can’t you guys take a joke!?!

    Prof Storch – you probably are a professor cause you are one snotty bastard!!!!

    • Dolce

      stop pretending

      • ???

        That makes no sense to me at all…

        • professorstotch

          Don’t be a jerk, and don’t give away spoilers next time and you won’t get kicked. 🙂

          • Spoilers!?! I speculate! I’m guessing at what’s coming!

            I am a writer and like trying to navigate where the writers are headed. Am I the only one doing this?

            Maybe “aholes” was too harsh to be joking around – but I was joking.

            I’m sure the BENLOVERS are really okay people, much like the followers of Jim Jones and David Koresh. I wasn’t being serious!

        • Dolce

          Stop pretending to hate so much.