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Live Lost Chat – 6.11 “Happily Ever After”

By Koobie,

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Join us for tonight’s Live Lost Chat!

There are a couple new things this time around.

  • ads-you guys will have to let us know how annoying they are.
  • Login with Facebook and/or twitter.
  • Unlimited Reader Count-more people can chat

If your chat message isn’t showing up, that means you are listed as moderated (which happens every new session). Once I receive your message, I will publish it on the feed and list you as unmoderated. Thanks!

  • jovi

    romance stuff may be the point of a lot of the show

    • The Mantis


      • The show does seem to be emphasizing relationships a lot at the moment.
        Jack <3 Kate
        Sawyer <3 Juliet
        Desmond <3 Penny
        Charlie <3 Claire
        Jin <3 Sun
        Hurley <3 Libby
        Sayid <3 Nadia

        Does that cover all the remaining candidates?

  • MIB Pants

    i think the point being that perhaps we just simplified this whole thing WAY too much. Imagine “romance stuff may be the point of a lot of the show” being like saying “this program has in island”.

    Both are true but are epic fails.

    • MIB Pants

      *an island

  • Moments like in this episode gives me insight to my own “Deja vu”!

    Desmond promised, “Iye, I’ll never leave ya penny…”

    Eloise KNOWS!!

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