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LOLost – Locked and Loaded – an Untangled Video

By ErasedSlate,

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A new LOST untangled video was released with muppet Chang, and it just had to be shared.


    That was great!

  • That. Was. Brilliant.

  • jemron

    Awesome… but one who overthinks everything related to Lost must wonder: Why show a “recap” of a storyline of a character who is supposed to be dead and gone… unless… OMG! THEY’RE BRINGING LOCKE BACK! 🙂

    • ErasedSlate

      Oh, don’t start that! However, you may have a point…

    • ErasedSlate

      Although, after watching the video, I can’t help but wonder if the boy/teenager that the Monster keeps seeing is actually the ghost of Locke.

    • Frogurt’s Arrow

      I think they are. Besides this video the biggest sign to me was when FakeLocke dismissed Locke with a sneer and saying he was a sucker. That was such a setup for him returning somehow to save the day.

    • Rams

      I used to think this was a silly theory, but now I’m not so sure. As long as we don’t have a literal resurrection of Locke digging his way out of Boone hill and Sayid rearing to eat his brains, I’ll be okay…

  • Kevon

    Dead and gone? Don’t tell him what he can’t do! We need a good Lazarus reference before the series is done!

    • spinflip

      But then we would surely need Jesus?

      • imfromthefuture

        jesus has nothing on john locke.

        • nice name.

          • imfromthefuture

            the name exists purely to mock you.. we have had some fallings out before… im also known as marc and i believe we were planning a sitcom..

          • LOL! Marc! How goes it? I don’t remember it as a falling out, more of a difference of opinion. But hey, to each his own, right?

  • Frogurt’s Arrow

    Holy crap. The whole series was worth it just for that.

  • Mike Beck

    Oh my god, that was excellent. hahaha. this just made my day. what a great job!

  • Freakin’ Fantastic!

  • domcruise

    oh dear.

  • rodmanrc

    I am really hoping the Lost Untangleds, as well as the Lost Slapdowns, end up on the upcoming Season 6 DVD release. They are both entertaining as hell.

  • gusteaux


  • Mr_Rob

    Good but it reminded me to much of the John Locke Rap thats been around for a while.

  • p_s_xpress

    Just awesome!

  • LockeLover

    What can I say!?!?!? I love it!

  • ErasedSlate

    been singing all day, “rub-a-dub-dub two men in scrubs, father and son on anesthetic drugs.”

  • dd

    This was really corny and not funny. It had me wondering what demographic thinks this stuff is useful or entertaining.

  • harry

    the fresh prince of dharma 😛

  • smokemonster

    Check out this one. It came out first and is in my opinion much better: