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Lost – 4.03 – Never say never, again…

By ErasedSlate,

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sayid_s4ep02.jpgWe see him playing a sport that requires skill.  He is seen in a tuxedo ready for a night on the town.  He uses a beautiful woman to get to his target.  All that was missing on this episode was the Aston Martin*.  He even had a shockingly cavalier attitude towards the lives he took.  Our ‘Lost” version of 007 played the part perfectly.  He even fell for the girl that almost cost him his life.

This episode had incredible polar opposite bookends.  At first, we see Sayid praying.  He even took care of Naomi’s remains respectfully,  By the end, we see that Sayid has betrayed his own soul for the “protection” of his friends.  Earlier in the episode. Sayid stated, “the day I trust that man is the day I sell my soul.” For Sayid, this prophecy was self-fulfilled.

Update: Doc Jensen pointed out the similarities in his recap of ‘The Economist’ at

*Thanks, Dustin