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Lost – 4.03 – Never say never, again…

By ErasedSlate,

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sayid_s4ep02.jpgWe see him playing a sport that requires skill.  He is seen in a tuxedo ready for a night on the town.  He uses a beautiful woman to get to his target.  All that was missing on this episode was the Aston Martin*.  He even had a shockingly cavalier attitude towards the lives he took.  Our ‘Lost” version of 007 played the part perfectly.  He even fell for the girl that almost cost him his life.

This episode had incredible polar opposite bookends.  At first, we see Sayid praying.  He even took care of Naomi’s remains respectfully,  By the end, we see that Sayid has betrayed his own soul for the “protection” of his friends.  Earlier in the episode. Sayid stated, “the day I trust that man is the day I sell my soul.” For Sayid, this prophecy was self-fulfilled.

Update: Doc Jensen pointed out the similarities in his recap of ‘The Economist’ at

*Thanks, Dustin

  • Jasonator

    Holy crap! I wanted to post this where it would be seen, so I’m sorry it doesn’t pertain to this subject. I was re-watching “The Economist”, and I noticed something. In the scene where Sayid walks into the cafe to find Elsa, he pauses at one point as if he is trying to locate her. All of a sudden the “whispers” start and he can hear them and understand them! Right after that, he looks directly at her. I am certain they are playing backwards as usual, so hopefully someone can get on this and get the translated.

  • ErasedSlate

    I think what you hear is the woman singing the song in the background. Some others have claimed to hear whispers when Sayid was praying beside the helicopter. All I hear is the blades of the helicopter squeaking. Someone else pointed out hearing whispers in the vet hospital and it turned out to be the dogs panting. In this instance, I think the whispering that is heard is a part of the song that was playing in the restaurant.

  • Dustin

    Aston Martin*

  • tanside

    Thank you ErasedSlate, and Dustin, you both said what i would have if i had been more prompt.

  • Jasonator

    I think it’s funny that I watch this stuff so close now that I am picking up on things that others are not. It used to be the other way around. But I have watched that part 20 times now and the whispers are there. And I’m sure of it because Sayid reacts to them immediately. And this is happening after he gets off the island and is involved with Ben, so it makes sense that Sayid understands most of the island mysteries at this point. Also, when Sayid is praying (meditating) by the chopper, there are no whispers. But there is a sudden sound like a bee buzzing in reverse. He must have heard this too because he opens his eyes at that moment and goes right over to Naomi looking for something in particular. I guess I have to hook my sampler up to the audio to reverse and isolate it myself. I will let you know what I find.

  • Jasonator

    Just hooked up the sampler and could only make out one thing. There are two points thatI hear whispers in the cafe. The first time is about 6 seconds after Sayid walks through the door. He pauses for a second, the whisper comes, and he is moving again. At this point, a reversal sounds like “you’ll see her”. Whe he pauses a second time, more whispers, but I can’t make them out. Someone with better software should look into it.

  • Tom Cashel

    Jasonator: Please don’t stop posting because of some rude eejit. I’ll check my DVR copy and see if I hear those whispers. If it happens as you describe, well that’s pretty damn weird.

  • ErasedSlate

    Jasonator, I recorded that scene from entrance to the restaurant to speaking to Elsa. I will post it later today after trying to clean up the background noise.

  • ChristianS

    I’m german and can hear two things. People in the background talking german, might sound like whispered nonsense to english-speakers, but from what I can understand it’s normal cafehouse talk. The second thing I hear is the woman singing german. I don’t think there’s something to be playing backwards.

  • ErasedSlate

    Jasonator, let me know if I have pulled the right clips. There is whispering there. Is it part of the song or some ethereal guidance for Sayid?

    Full Clip: 4.03-Sayid at Restaurant
    First Whisper
    Second Whisper
    Third Whisper

  • ChristianS

    I’m sure now. That are not whispers but a part the song. She is clearly singing german. Kinda hard to hear, but it’s something about love and I think I even have a slight idea who the singer might be… So don’t worry about it.

  • lostpeter

    no whispers. that is a german song.
    it’s from 2raumwohnung and the song is called “freie liebe” (engl. free love).

    sorry, but I think it’s a dead end…

  • chromaticblues

    I agree to Christian. I’m German, too – and all I can make out is someone singing a song. I guess Sayid stops, so Elsa wouldn’t think that he is coming for her but for someone who looks like he knows the way.

  • ChristianS

    @lostpeter: Yep. 2raumwohnung was my guess too. Ichecked it out and of course you’re right.

  • Jasonator

    Thanks to all who looked into the “whispers”. At this point I can’t even be sure what I hear. But those clips sound very different from what I got. The HD version has the music and ambient noise mixed lower than the one I see on YouTube. It’s under “El Economista” if you are interested. And I looked up that song “freie liebe” and I don’t believe it’s the same. Sounds like the right group though. But it doesn’t really matter. Knowing what the whispers are saying never clears anything up anyhow. Just seemed to make sense that Sayid would understand alot of the mysterious happenings due to his being off the island and working for Ben. Thanks again to everyone. This site is rockin’.

  • wes

    The whole thing is kinda weird, he was not only looking for her…..
    She was also waiting for him.

    and whats with the List?

    i thought it was good people they were collecting for who know what….. but now all of a sudden if your on the list your DEAD??

    where is this thing going?

  • Dan

    I just rewatched this episode and i notices when sayid is talking to ben he says “you used her to recruit me for killing” or something like that.” Orignially i thought he was talking about Elsa but that wouldnt make any sense so i think maybe we will see in another flashforward Ben using someone to recruit Sayid-maybe Nadia. becuase its hard to belive Sayid has just forgotten her once he finnaly is able to search the world.

  • LovinLost


    For what it’s worth… I too was certain I heard whispers when Sayid walked into the restaurant. In fact, I said it out loud to my husband who is new to the show this season. It seemed so obvious to me that it was whispers that I was actually waiting for a further confirmation/explanation in the episode, but then forgot about it until reading your post. I have of course read and appreciate the investigative work everyone has done regarding the whispers/song lyrics. I am still not convinced it wasn’t whispers, because on my T.V. what came through seemed clear.

  • Jasonator

    Thank you LovinLost!!!! I was beginning to feel a bit silly over all this. I’m glad someone else heard something there. And you are right about what audio comes through from different mediums. From the YouTube video, it’s very obvious. On the HD, not so much. Now when I hear it, I can understand that it could be the song. But the song “freie liebe” is not it! I am a musician and trust me, that’s not it! I even looked for other mixes of that song and had no luck. I have looked for the song in credits and got the same results. So until I hear that actual song with whispering in it, I still consider this a possibility. All I want to say at this point is: six seconds after Sayid enters the cafe, there is a whisper. Whether it’s the song or something else, I don’t know. But if you reverse that clip, I could swear that is says “you’ll see her”. The whispers for Hurley at Jacob’s cabin were harder to decipher than this one, I think.