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Lost 4.03 – The Economist – A Deleted Scene Revealed

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I was delighted by a few key differences in the final version of The Economist vs the cut I was fortunate enough to see in advance of airing.  For one thing, the time difference between the rocket and Daniel’s timer was 31 minutes instead of 31 seconds, and we all know bigger is better.

Then there was the chilling exchange in the end. In earlier prints there was no mention of a separate incident where Sayid’s heart fouled up plans.  Nor was there a line “You want to protect your friends, don’t you?”  The result was a much more chilling and enigmatic scene.

There was one scene that involved Miles, Kate, and Sayid arriving at the perimeter fence though that was extremely interesting.  I was surprised to see it cut, so I decided to transcribe it for you here:



deleted-scene.jpgThe Fence Scene
From “The Economist”

                                    What is this?

                                    A Security fence.  When activated, the pylons
                                    emit a high pitch frequency that will kill anyone
                                    who passes through it.  We used a tree to climb…

MILES raises his hand towards Sayid.  He seems to hear something.


SAYID stops and watches MILES as he scans the surroundings, listening intently.

                                                        SAYID (Sarcastic)
                                   I’m sorry, are we supposed to be
                                   hearing something?

A beat passes and MILES is suddenly aware that SAYID had spoken to him.

                                   I’m sorry, what?

KATE is examining the control panel.

                                  Maybe I can shut it off.

SAYID joins her, bending over to examine the panel.

                                  And, how might you do that?

                                  I saw Juliet do it once.

                                                        SAYID (Doubtful)
                                  Without the code?

ANGLE ON MILES.  He continues to scan with a slight twitch, similar to when we saw him reading the boys room in Confirmed Dead.  Suddenly he walks through the pylons and turns towards an astonished KATE and SAYID.

                                  Hey, I don’t think its on.

                                  And how did you know that?

                                  Lucky guess.

MILES turns and walks away.  SAYID and KATE exchange puzzled glances and proceed after him.

  • Chris6o7

    Aww, they should have kept that in. Very interesting stuff and thanks for sharing.

  • ponder-osa

    Help me out here. How are the various places on the island powered & who engineered all this infrastructure including a monster proof fence? I’m obviously Lost. Thanks for the deleted nugget.

  • morty

    i hear u chris… that looked like it was really good scene… an important one too.

  • CorrosionX

    As best as I can remember, there was a red/green light indicating the status of the fence. It’s a no-brainer.

  • Lynn

    Thanks for sharing. The missing scene was very interesting in showing that Miles is not afraid to use his powers (unlike some of our ‘gifted’ Losties). But didn’t I read in one of the posts here that we were supposed to get our first aerial shot of the entire island? Did that also end up on the cutting room floor or did I blink and miss it?

  • This is a great bit and its sad they cut it really. One thing though I dont get, is why can they talk realtime over the phone with one another no problem, no time difference, but when they send the rocket theres a time difference… the phone acll should have issues because they are still in the same world of time as the rocket.

  • sebimeyer

    it’s amazing that they can cut an awesome scene like this and still have plenty of stuff that makes out heads explode in the actual episode.

  • structaural

    It was 31 minutes difference in the cut I saw/downloaded…

    interesting cut scene – thanks for sharing

  • anonymous

    the time difference is still 31 minutes, apart from that the changes are understandabe too. as corrosionx said: rmember the red light indicating the fence to be shut off? kate must’ve seen it so it really makes no sense. i’m sure we’ll all witness more of miles ‘powers’ soon enough. cheers of war

  • babelfish

    i know this show is amazing and they do a really good job of keeping it all together, but it is fiction, so just remember that sometimes you have SUSPEND YOUR DISBELIEF. they probably cut the scene because they realized people would call them on it.

  • balage

    As CorrosionX said, there is a light showing if the fence is on or off, you can see it in the episode where Juliet turns it off, or in the one when “little Ben” turns it off. So that could be the reason this scene was removed, because it makes no sense.

  • brianjwalton

    eh, you know how easy it would be to add a light in post? Easier then changing dialogue from 31 seconds to 31 minutes I would guess. No, I’m sure it was mostly a time issue. Something had to go and this was it. Afterall, it wasn’t integral to the plot–at least not yet….

  • Ian

    “One thing though I dont get, is why can they talk realtime over the phone with one another no problem…”

    Same physics as firing a rocket to Point X while also making a phone call to Point X. Which would get there first? The rocket or the phone signal? The rocket would always be slower. Even when traveling through a wormhole, I’d expect something like a phone signal to travel MUCH faster than a physical object. Maybe there is a slight time difference in the conversation, but it might be minimal compared to the rocket. Kind of like a slight delay when making overseas phone calls.

    As for Kate seeing the red light….I might be wrong but I thought you had to be INSIDE the fence in order to open the panel and see the light. In the photo it looks like the panel is on the outside. Maybe they shot it with the box on the outside and couldn’t use it.

  • Ian

    Actually it looks like the boxes are on both sides. Never mind…

  • Richard

    Red light on the fence.
    1) the light could have easily been broken
    2) the fence could be “up” but just that section was “off” allowing Miles to pass safely.
    3) The fence does not work on/effect people and Miles “was told this” or some variation
    3b) Remember 1 eye was alive after “dieing” because Locke pushed him through the fence.
    3c)Juilet worries about the fence cause she’s be programmed to believe in it. However that doesn’t make it true.

    4 last but NOT LEAST) Who in their right mind would trust anything on the island to work in a common sense fashion (even it did in the past). — I’m on a crazy butt island like this, I don’t care what color the little light is. I’m not crossing the fence first!

  • Tim

    But in a later episode, Patchy (Mikhail) comments to Ben that it’s a good thing the fence wasn’t set to a lethal level.

  • Goldbricker

    “..the time difference between the rocket and Daniel’s timer was 31 minutes instead of 31 seconds”

    Am I reading this right? Is he saying that the clocks had only a 31 second difference in the “pre-air” episode? Could we see a screen cap of the of the “pre-air” clocks?

  • GM

    Regarding the aerial view of the island we were promised at the end of the episode… I also assumed we’d see a high-altitude shot of the whole island. But we just got a view above the helicopter as it left the island and headed out to sea. I guess that was it.

  • Paul L

    I don’t remember the scenes where we’ve seen the little light before, but even if it were assumed reliable, how would you know if green means on or off? It could mean the fence is on or you’re good top pass through. You’d still have to catch some kinda rabbit and toss it through like Little Ben. Or you could let Miles do it, same difference.

  • WOW! This is great. I’ll be visiting more often!

  • Quin

    The phones work at light speed and real time.
    The rocket was fast but not that fast; thus a 31 min time difference. Desmond sailed to the island very slow in the open thus he has major time effects. The sub was metal and thus maybe why the others traveled to and from the island. There are specific berings to take when leaving the island in order to reduce the time effects.