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Lost 4.03 – The Economist – Promo Pics Reveal Daniel’s Hardware

By docarzt,

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  • docarzt

    looks like a bunch of webcams and a router

  • eB

    in addition to the parts list, i see some Radio Shack adapt-all DC plugs coming out the back and a good ring of electrical tape. show me those cool phones though, they were shiny.

  • Jasonator

    Holy crap! I wanted to post this where it would be seen, so I’m sorry it doesn’t pertain to this subject. I was re-watching “The Economist”, and I noticed something. In the scene where Sayid walks into the cafe to find Elsa, he pauses at one point as if he is trying to locate her. All of a sudden the “whispers” start and he can hear them and understand them! Right after that, he looks directly at her. I am certain they are playing backwards as usual, so hopefully someone can get on this and get the translated.

  • About time difference: Isn’t it funny that Elsa’s Boss pages her half an hour early which is pretty much 31 minutes?
    I guess it’s rather a matter of style they used than an actual parallel but it’s interesting anyway

  • tanside

    I thought as this scene was airing the prop guys, or whomever it is that makes this stuff, looks like they had a fun time on this one.

  • scottp
  • boonesghost

    So Faraday is trying to steal PPV??

  • thochaos

    We sell those Swann systems at work. I thought that was funny. I wondered why he was setting up wireless surveillance equipment there. Guess they just thought they looked cool or something.

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