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Lost 4.04 – Eggtown – Why the Name?

By ErasedSlate,

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EEEcoverWeb2[1].jpgWhy name this episode Eggtown? Is it because Locke served up the last two eggs to Ben Is it supposed to focus the audience’s attention on fertility? Is it supposed to be jab to those of us who comb over video and audio looking for the slightest clue?  There is a wonderful book out there called ‘The Easter Egg Escapade’   The following is an excerpt from an interview with the author John Michael Williams.

“The Easter Egg Escapade” tells the story of Eggtown, a peaceful village where rabbits and chickens live together in harmony. However, a band of thieving roosters, the Take-Its (led by Terrible Timothy Take-It), live in the murky swamps and forests beyond Eggtown, and they conspire to steal all of Eggtown’s Easter Eggs. In order to retrieve the eggs, an unlikely group of heroes, which includes Big Boring Benedict Bunny, Horrible Harriet Hare, Good Gracious Grasshopper, Tiny Tessie, and Boss Baker Bunny, volunteer to go on the perilous journey. The ending features the redemption of Terrible Timothy Take-It and is sure to please pre-teens.

Sounds alot like our Island.  And since this episode was about Aaron as much as it was about Kate, choosing the episode title from the setting of a children’s book is highly appropriate.