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Lost 4.04 – Eggtown – Why the Name?

By ErasedSlate,

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EEEcoverWeb2[1].jpgWhy name this episode Eggtown? Is it because Locke served up the last two eggs to Ben Is it supposed to focus the audience’s attention on fertility? Is it supposed to be jab to those of us who comb over video and audio looking for the slightest clue?  There is a wonderful book out there called ‘The Easter Egg Escapade’   The following is an excerpt from an interview with the author John Michael Williams.

“The Easter Egg Escapade” tells the story of Eggtown, a peaceful village where rabbits and chickens live together in harmony. However, a band of thieving roosters, the Take-Its (led by Terrible Timothy Take-It), live in the murky swamps and forests beyond Eggtown, and they conspire to steal all of Eggtown’s Easter Eggs. In order to retrieve the eggs, an unlikely group of heroes, which includes Big Boring Benedict Bunny, Horrible Harriet Hare, Good Gracious Grasshopper, Tiny Tessie, and Boss Baker Bunny, volunteer to go on the perilous journey. The ending features the redemption of Terrible Timothy Take-It and is sure to please pre-teens.

Sounds alot like our Island.  And since this episode was about Aaron as much as it was about Kate, choosing the episode title from the setting of a children’s book is highly appropriate.

  • B. Astard

    Something to do with the term used by door to door salesman

  • roomforhuman

    Good observation, Erased. The amount of literary references this season may trump all of the previous seasons if it keeps going at this rate. Could we say that Terrible Timothy Take-It is Kate?

  • Eggbert

    Egg-town is a pejorative term that refers to the days of bartering, during the Great Depression. A traveling salesman would have to barter his candy or tobacco or shoelaces for different commodities. A poor exchange would be for eggs, a relatively common item that is also highly perishable. Nobody wants to trade for eggs from a traveling salesman because they have their own, so the salesman who accepted an egg in exchange was forced to accept a bad deal. Salesmen would use the term like “If I were you I would stay away from Bogart. That’s an egg-town.” Of course, the lack of trust among salesman was also high, and it was likely that one salesman would lie to another about the quality of a town’s customers to keep them for himself. Invariably, the second salesman ventures into Bogart only to find it is truly an egg-town. He is either persuaded to not visit a town that has good customers or is tricked into visiting a town that can only offer eggs. The term “egg-town” represents a deal with undesirable outcomes in either case.

    References in this episode include:

    * The inability of Locke to makes any progress with the interrogation of Ben or Miles.
    * The deal Kate made. She is now forbidden to leave the state and thus can’t legally go back to the island for any reason for at least ten years.
    * The barracks turn out to be Egg-town for Miles; He tries to extort 3.2 million dollars from Ben and ends up with a grenade in his mouth instead.
    * The episode starts with literal eggs: Locke preparing an omelet breakfast for Ben. He tells Ben these are the last two eggs.
    * Kate’s preoccupation with the chance that she might be pregnant, and the continuing references to her child in the episode’s flashforwards.
    * Locke’s inability to establish any communication with Jacob.
    * Locke kills a chicken (no more eggs).
    * Kate’s decision whether to leave the island and go to jail or remain on the island and die (from her hinted-at pregnancy).
    * The style of grenade that Locke places in Miles’ mouth is known as an “egg hand grenade”.

  • Samfishercell

    I think this is a great example of people digging in far too deep. I agree with the Great Depression definition of Eggtown; hopefully we’ll get some more info from Damon+Carlton during the next podcast.

  • boobs

    Can’t legally go back to the island?! That’s precious. Because if she did….big trouble for Kate on an island nobody can find, right?

    Why hasn’t anyone touched on the subject of the Chicken laying eggs on the island (presumably without dying)? I thought the island had major fertility issues. Humans only now?

  • B. Astard

    Those were duck’s eggs (thet’re white)

  • oedipus

    What an ignorant comment. You should read up on the deciding factors of egg colors before making statements like that. (hint, chickens can lay brown or white depending on factors other than if they are a duck or not)

  • boobs

    Just checked the fridge…eggs are white (the chicken variety)! I think duck eggs are smaller too.

  • Eggspert

    You do realize you could go to the market and buy chicken eggs that aren’t white…right?

    Not that I’d expect someone who’s moniker is ‘boobs’ to be an expert on anything, let alone eggs.

  • shmy

    I’ll take anything that helps me understand WTF happened in this episode 🙂

  • lgh

    Laid chicken eggs, unlike children, are unfertilized. I am assuming The Island has no unusual dire consequences for human menstruations as well.

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