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LOST 5.11 – Whatever Happened, Happened – 3 clips

By docarzt,

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Here we go folks, three clips to get your theorizing engines running for this Wednesday’s all new LOST “Whatever Happened, Happened”.  Spoilers, yeah – we got em.

  • AWESOME! Hurley you’re the greatest! A “Back to the Future” reference (my favorite movie ever!) on “Lost” (my favorite tv show ever!)

  • veryinformedaboutlost

    wow…kinda goes with the thoughts i had that sawyer will come running to jack to fix the problem..and jack won’t help at first, but ultimately… i believe he does help save lil’ ben’s life…great clips….can’t wait for the episode..

    • horselover

      It’ll be interesting to see if Jack is able to resist fixing something. He seems to have changed a lot on his way back to the island, but we’ll have to wait and see.

      • Dolce

        Jack’s resistance is futile…

      • spinflip

        Jack never took the Hippocratic Oath by word, no wonder he was such a lousy leader. If anyone remembers Dr. Franklin from Babylon 5, now _that_ was a doctor.

    • Dolce

      My first impression last week when Sawyer(yes,Sawyer, not LaFleur)Couldn’t convince Sayid to hit him and run away, was that he was heading to the barracks to ask Jack for advice on what to do next. Don’t know if that’s right, just my first thought.

  • horselover

    Ladies and gentlemen, Miles Straum as imfromthepast. Give him a hand.

    • Iwantmykidneyback

      That’s good stuff. Tip of the hat to you sir!

    • Dolce

      That’s funny, I peed a little.

    • imfromthepast

      lol, I haven’t seen the clips yet, but that made me laugh.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    i guessing that Jack doesn’t give in. I’m thinking that little ben is fixed some other way.

  • Dolce

    Seems like D+C were able to forsee the controversial online arguments that would occur as a result of the storyline this season and head it off at the pass. The Back To The Future reference was a perfect way to bring that home(unless they are f’ing with us).And who better to make that reference than the character that best represents the viewing audience than HURLEY?! It seems, Ladies and Gentlemen, that indeed whatever happened, happened.

  • Tina

    FN Ben! So thats why he loves Juliet so much? She helped saved him when he was a kid? He knew all these people when he was young so he’s probably the one who brought them to the island in the first plane crash!?!

    All the beloved losties need to do now is get to the adjacent island that is on “real 2009 time”, right? So that when the purge happens, they will be safe. And then they can go back after and do whatever. I have several ideas of who may die this season but I think they may kill off Sun because she will arrive at the Others camp at the wrong time. I only think that because Charlotte told Jin not to let them bring her back. If they kill Sun I will be SO sad so I hope I am wrong.

  • BenLinus

    So, if Miles’ theory is assumed to be correct, is it safe to assume that the writers are using the Novikov self-consistency principle ( ) ?

    Please have a look at that and see what gives; it’s confusing enough already…

    • where have you been?

      • BenLinus

        erm? a lot of places?

        • Iwantmykidneyback

          in the past perhaps?

    • boonesghost

      This is why Sawyer couldn’t talk to Claire and Kate, and why Locke couldn’t visit himself while he was banging on the Hatch door.

      • imfromthepast

        I would replace ‘couldn’t’ with ‘didn’t’, because they very well could.It wasn’t as if there were a force field preventing them.

        They just didn’t.

  • Matthew Perry

    And just like that, Jack is back to being on top of my most-hated list.

    • Zonker

      Why would Jack have such a hate on for little Ben at this point? Jack wanted to get back to the island… Ben showed him the way. Jack had crawled into a bottle of pills… Ben got him clean (unrealistically so, but that’s a rant for another time). At this point Jack doesn’t know about John Locke’s murder, and whatever Ben did or tried to do to Penny is just speculation.

      Hopefully they’ll address this on camera. Otherwise Jack’s behaviour is as erraticly-written as Charlie’s was in Season 2.

      • I think Jack is beginning to understand something about what’s going on. His passivity is a result of that. Maybe he’s finally becoming a good poker player, letting everyone play out their hands, see what’s really there.

        Otherwise, I don’t know what the f*ck is going on.
        Like Miles said, “We just haven’t experienced it yet.”

  • add83

    why is little Bens injury on his stomach???

    • poontacha

      sayid “the pro killer” missed a headshot

      • professorstotch

        Have you ever tried shooting some one in the head after just turning around and whipping out a gun in about 4 seconds? Not as easy as you’d think.

  • MajorFX

    Well, it’s not like it’s science fiction or something.

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