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LOST – 5.11 – “Whatever Happened, Happened” Promo

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Thanks to Sledge from for the promo this week.

  • Seabiscuit

    Oooh. This looks good. I don’t care if they’re not a couple atm, so long as Sawyer and Kate get lots of screen time together that’s fine and dandy with me. And Jack and Juliet arguing sounds good, too. (ha, Jules don’t need no stinkin’ saving!)

  • horselover

    These promos are starting to anger me a little. In last weeks Juliet said to Kate “I’m telling you to stay way.” Then in the episode, “I didn’t know how to tell you without making it sound like I was telling you to stay away.” Between that and showing Locke’s resurrection, I would stop watching the promos if I had any self-discipline whatsoever.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    yeah the editing for the promo’s is definitely lame. why would they ever need to change the context of the dialog? the show is interesting enough without having things misconstrued.