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Lost 5.12 – Dead is Dead – Rate and Rant

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Oh. My. GAWD.  I can hear the shouts of “best episode evah” echoing in the night.  “Dead is Dead,” a Ben Centric episode, delivers answers, intrigue, and plot advancement – for the win!  Read on to rate, and share your feelings in the comments.  And of course, don’t forget to check out our live blog of the episode, this week courtesy of Triangulatedsignal!

Major learnings:

  • Ben could have killed Penny, but he didn’t.  Odds of Desmond returning to ensure safety for his family somewhere between natch and you bet your ass.
  • Ben has been found not guilty by the island, but ordered to be John Locke’s chump.
  • Is it just me, or is there something behind the fact that we never see John and Smokey in the same room?
  • What is in the shadow of the statue?  Indeed!  So much for Caeser, you were a good villain for a while – but Illana and her freaking huge anvil case are in charge now.
  • Widmore looked like a rockstar!  Hey Chuck, Zepplin is looking for a new singer.
  • Looks like Elle is definitely not Penny’s mom.  That settles that.  Widmore’s ‘banishment’ was a little less explosive than what I figured.  Oh well, one can only handle so much excitement.
  • More hieroglyphics.  Sheesh. Hold the phone while I find an Egyptologist.   In the meantime, did we see a depiction of a plane crash in that frame?  Hmmmm….

Now, Smokey has done his judging… time for you to chime in…

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