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LOST 5.12 Preview Clips – “Dead is Dead”

By docarzt,

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I’ve actually had these clips for a couple of months, but I had to wait until everybody else was a few hours away from releasing them. Just kidding, Just kidding – quit crying. (wink, wink LyLy).  Enjoy!

  • Clips? There’s only one Doc. 🙂

  • Lost Mom of Four


  • Hipster Doofus

    wow a couple of months? They must have seemed so out of place.

  • Dolce

    Awesome. Simply awesome.

  • docarzt

    I’m only kidding Hipster. Just poking fun at those in the community who claimed to have these clips before everybody else, but weren’t allowed to release them until “Kristin” and the rest.

  • jennrocks

    This has been a very quiet week for spoilers Doc. I have a feeling tomorrow’s show will be full of surprises! Thanks!

  • horselover

    “You speak to me as if I was your daughter.”

  • sv

    Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap Holy crap can’t wait! I tell my wife after each episode thata I’m gonna hibernate in some way for a week after each episode, but I’m actually seriously consdering it right now!

  • illegibleg

    …and thank you god for ben- and john-centric episodes. amen.

  • Climperoonie

    Oh. My. God. Finally, an episode where we explore the ol’ Smokey’s origins? How long have we waited for this, five years?

  • Damon almost spilled the beans about Smokey the other night in Austin, Texas, but Leonard Nimoy stopped him… ;))

    • docarzt

      Vulcan Nerve Pinch?

  • jessea

    can’t wait cant wait cant wait!

    see y’all on chat after the show!

  • Mack

    Be forewarned, watching these clips will result in extreme mania as you will be forced to wait the many hours until the show is broadcast.
    Work days will be even more difficult to get through as you count down the hours until Lost.

    • Mack

      I had to reply to my own posting because I forgot to thank Doc for posting these clips. You have made the drudgery of my normal work day that much drudgier.

  • Alaine

    Was the game board on the table(in the 2nd clip)the same game Hurley and Sawyer were playing last season?

    • Yeah — Risk. And Hurley had that great red herring line: “Australia’s the key to the whole game.”

      But the presence of the game means the island’s disappearance and subsequent reappearance at some later point left everything untouched.

    • imfromthepast

      Yes it is.

      That blows the whole Alternate Timeline to Hell.
      And pisses on it.
      And does a little dance on it.
      And spits on it.
      And defecates on it.
      And…well that’s about it.

      • Tim

        Yeah I never really understood peoples’ logic claiming that the barracks being all messed up was “proof” of an alternate timeline.

        We SAW Ben let Smokey into the barracks, and then the barracks was abandoned for 3 years until Sun and Frank came back to them. 3 years is plenty of time for Smokey to mess things up there, hell he messed Eko up in a matter of seconds.

        • Kiekow

          I have to admit I was one of those people that did think maybe there was an alternate time line. But it was because the barracks still had Dharma signs posted in the 2007 timeline. And once the others moved in after the purge, those signs were removed (at least we didn’t see them when we were introduced to new otherton. So i wondered why they were still up and thought either they were in an alternate timeline or something was changed and the purge didn’t happen??? I guess I still need an explanation for why Dharma “new recruit” & “welcome” signs were still up there in 2007?

          • imfromthepast

            maybe because the Others never used that building…

  • triangulatedsignal

    yayyy, cant wait, thanks doc!!

  • ashcards

    Okay so this doesn’t really have anything to do with these clips but i saw the cover of the tv guide and it said something about surprise marriages and had LOST list in the shows that it talked about. Surprise marriages??? Who do you think is going to get married?

    • apackofmonkeys

      You mean you didn’t hear about the spoiler where Ben and the monster get married in tonight’s episode? I mean, they’re already in a temple, just find the priest in there, and they’re good to go!

      • ashcards

        I bet Richard could marry them. I’m sure it would be binding if he said “I now pronounce you man and monster”

        • Doos

          You may eviscerate the groom?

  • ashcards

    Here’s the article-

    In a season with time travel and atomic bombs, you might not expect a season-ending wedding! There’s a lot of buzz that new couple Juliet and Sawyer will tie the knot in the May 13 nuptials, or that there will be a flashback to Jin and Sun’s off-island ceremony. “We will confirm the rumors of a wedding, but will offer the caveat that in grand Lost finale tradition, we reserve the right to do flashbacks, flash-forwards, flash-upwards and flash-downwards,” says exec producer Damon Lindelof.

    What do you think? I love Lindelof’s answer.

  • Gloaming

    Didn’t you hear? Richard would perform the ceremony!

  • Aublub

    Uggggh, they always cut it off when it’s getting to a good part! Why I ask you?? WHYYYY? 😉

  • Iwantmykidneyback

    I think ben is going to die tonight. so sad…

    • cheyroze

      what?! no, they wouldn’t do that! ….would they?

  • sabrina

    I am holding out and not watching them. Barely. Trying.. sooo… hard to resist…

  • I liked that one by Miles: “Season 5 and Season 6 have already happened”

    • imfromthepast

      ?? Huh?

  • Mike

    I like the axis and allies game out – reminding us again of the game. I wonder if we will find out tonight what the heck the game is!

  • Locke seems to have changed – or has he? That smile suggests he knows the answer to the questions he asks Ben (part of the Island now, perhaps he is truly, finally a surrogate for the Island.

    On the other hand….

    I won’t be surprised if Locke finally dies FOR REAL when Smokey takes him instead of Ben. That was my prediction last week with the preview of this week’s episode, and while I’m sticking to that, Locke’s behavior weakens my certainty some, I do admit.

    But my hope is that Ben Bad Bad Ben finally gets his comeuppance!

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