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Lost 6.13 Preview – Dissected into Screencaps

By ErasedSlate,

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Possible Spoilers!  The preview that aired immediately after the episode has been dissected into some relevant screencaps.

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  • rivum

    the side split of locke/claire was interesting. the screen grabs don’t really capture that, but it looked like they were trying to show one person, with locke’s face on the left side (our left!) and claire on the right.
    and i’m especially happy to see the first screen grab since i tried to read that in a non-HD pause at home for a good while, unsuccessfully.

  • Scooter-T

    All we’re lacking is a little “Willy Wonka” soundtrack.

  • lylebot

    Wait, Grandpa Tito was in “Everybody Loves Hugo”? Did anyone see him, or were his scenes cut?

    • Naultz

      had to be cut. i don’t remember seeing him either.

      • angjen0816

        Yeah, I didnt see him either and I thought for sure he would of been

  • Rooky

    I Sayid kills Des, I will be pissed

    • Wanda

      If Sayid kills Desmond, offisland Desmond will take his revenge on offisland Sayid.

    • theyneedyou

      That’s what I said, but I highly doubt they would show him kill Des in the preview. Not to mention the gunshot and the light from the gun looked/sounded really fake.

  • travelin’ jack sawyer

    I’m calling their bluff. they are pulling another “sawyer falling from jacob’s ladder” moment for teasing sake. I say sayid never pulls the trigger. That starburst at the muzzle looks like it was added in post, and looked even more phony on tv

    • dan

      yeah that “gun fire” looked fake as hell

      • Handsome Smitty

        The Darlton wouldn’t insert or “fake” something like that. They do however cut and intersect scenes to mislead.

        Sayid is shooting into the well. Des is in the well. But we don’t know if something is in there with him, either.

        Des will not die this early if at all, pretty sure.

        • brent

          Come on, you know that Darlton has NOTHING to do with the promos. That is all ABC, ie, the people who own the show. This has been expounded upon hundreds of times.

          That said, minus the fake gun thing, this was probably the best “next week on LOST” ABC has done all year.

    • that gunshot was 100% fake. they’ve done the fake-out with a gunshot sound before, but this time they decided to add in the cheesy starburst as well.

  • Shane

    I want to know- WHAT was that very cool but VERY spooky poem that was chanted?

    • lauren

      its from the original willy wonka and the chocolate factory movie.

      • ftp

        Willy Wonka: There’s no earthly way of knowing / Which direction we are going / There’s no knowing where we’re rowing / Or which way the river’s flowing / Is it raining? / Is it snowing? / Is a hurricane a-blowing? / Not a speck of light is showing / So the danger must be growing / Are the fires of hell a-glowing? / Is the grisly reaper mowing? / Yes, the danger must be growing / ‘Cause the rowers keep on rowing / And they’re certainly not showing / Any signs that they are slowing!

  • Windom

    Desmond’s sailboat is shown on the map – someone is pointing to it.

  • adam118

    looks like Zoe blows up Smoeky’s camp.
    Looks like Locke is on the way to get operated on by Jack.
    Sayid wont kill Desmond.
    Those maps are awful.
    Are Team Jacob and Team Smokey united now?

  • Handsome Smitty

    Hmm, the map: Des’ boat, perhaps Penny came after him. I somehow doubt that a sailboat pictograph is meant to represent the sub.

    But if any of our Losties get off the Island, Sideways(c) won’t happen.

  • Ian

    its from the original willy wonka and the chocolate factory movie.

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