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Lost 6.15 – Sneak Peek

By ErasedSlate,

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Do you really wanna look?  I mean after seeing the promo last night, should you really take a peek? You have been cautioned…

  • losttranscript

    Hey, could someone please write the transcript of what is being discussed between the two ladies please. I appreciate it.

    • ErasedSlate

      Lady in Red: Where’s the rest of your people?

      Lady in Blue: there’s only me.

      Red: How did you get here?

      Blue: The same way you got here… by accident

      Red: How long have….

      Blue: Every question I answer will simply lead to another question. You should rest, just be grateful you are alive.

      Red: There were other people on my ship, I need to…

      Blue: NO! If there are other people on the island, I will find them.

      • ninjaraiden2k

        “Every question I answer will simply lead to another question”-The most relevant and rational statement the Lost writers will ever give to the audience.

        • Handsome Smitty

          Kind of a snub by The Darlton, don’t you think.

          • ninjaraiden2k

            It’s a snub that I love, Smitty!

          • dp2

            Not a snub; a response to those who say they just answer things with more questions.

            All season, I’ve been comparing it to a kid asking why the sky is blue, and every answer is rejected with “But why?”. Eventually, you’re explaining optic nerves and light absorption and the composition of the atmosphere, and still the kid is going to ask “Why?”

        • ninjaraiden2k

          Great analogy, dp2.

          • Andrew G.

            Actually, it’s a pretty inaccurate analogy, given that we’ve had very few answers this season.

          • Pete

            What do you mean there have been very few answers this season?!?!?! Just to name a few:
            – why was there only a foot left on the statue? (Black Rock took it out when it crashed)
            – How is the Black Rock in the middle of the island (tsunami took it there)
            – how did RA actually get to the island? (on the Black Rock)
            – why doesn’t RA age? (made a deal with Jacob so he wouldn’t go to hell for his sins)

            I’m sure there are more, I just can’t think of them off the top of my head right now…

          • dp2

            What is the meaning of numbers? What are the whispers? What happened to Ben in the Temple? What is the Temple? What happened to Claire?

          • Drew Lancor

            Pete, the point is they’ve given us SO many mysteries, and not cleared the vast, vast majority of them up.

          • dp2

            “the vast, vast majority”? I disagree. There are very few major mysteries left to answer, and only one or two of those do I feel are never going to get answered.

          • Hexonxonx

            Wait, we were told the meaning of the numbers? All we were shown was that the last living candidates correspond to the numbers on a list that Jacob drew up a long time ago. The numbers predate that list. It was another example of the numbers coming up, not explaining their origin.

          • gusteaux

            With only 4.5 hours remaining, here is my list of “must answer” questions:
            1.Why is Walt “special? Why did the Others ask Michael if Walt had ever “appeared somewhere he shouldn’t be?”
            2.Why is Aaron Special? Why can’t he be “raised by another?”
            3.Why did Desmond have a vision of Claire and Aaron getting on a helicopter?
            4.Where is Christian Shepard’s body and why is it missing in both realities?
            5.Who/What is Eloise Hawking?
            6.Who are Adam and Eve?
            7.Who made the food drops?
            8.When time-traveling Juliet fired a shot from the outrigger she was in at the outrigger chasing them, did she hit/kill anyone? If so, who?
            9.Who are Jacob and Man-In-Black?
            10.What is the island, really? Seasons 1-6)
            11.Who will replace Jacob?
            12.Who will replace MIB?
            13.Why was Libby in Santa Rosa?
            14.Why did Libby give Desmond the “Elizabeth”? 15.Why can’t women carry to term on the island?
            16.What are “the rules”?
            17.How did Hugo get the nickname, ‘Hurley’?
            18.Is Charles Widmore good or evil?
            19.Was/is Desmond a Candidate?
            20.Who is Juliet having coffee with in the sideways?
            21.Who is David Shepard’s mother?
            22.Who is Penny Widmore/Milton’s mother?
            23.Was Desmond “really” on flight 815 in the sideways, or was it time traveling Desmond?
            24.Who are Desmond’s parents?

          • dp2

            “Wait, we were told the meaning of the numbers? All we were shown was that the last living candidates correspond to the numbers on a list that Jacob drew up a long time ago. The numbers predate that list. It was another example of the numbers coming up, not explaining their origin”

            We don’t know when that list was made or what Jacob knew when. I thought it was clear that the idea was Numbers = The Candidates. Darlton have said they answered the numbers.

            “With only 4.5 hours remaining, here is my list of “must answer” questions:”

            I disagree that some of those are important (food drops? Don’t really care. I assume DHARMA is still active). Some have been answered (why would you think Desmond wasn’t on the flight? Didn’t “Happily Ever After” make that clear?). A couple I don’t believe will be, and I’m unhappy about them (Walt, Des’ vision). The rest I’m confident will be answered.

          • Todd

            A decent list of questions, but its missing what is, to me, a key: how did pressing the Swan button save the world? And closely related, what ACTUALLY happened at the incident?

          • OtherJacob

            Gusteaux – some of your questions have already been answered. You just need to take some time to see things clearly.

            ex. The Food Drops.

            Answer: They were supplied by Dharma. Why did it appear in the time of our losties? Because of the time-travel properties/bubble surrounding the island. We were given a great demonstration of this in season 4 when the frieghter doctor’s body washed up on shore before he was killed.

        • s.w.a.c.

          It looks like this next ep will answer a lot (if not most) of our questions about Jacob and the MiB. Finally!

          • gusteaux

            @dp2: You are probably right about Des being on 815 in the Sideways. But I’m still bothered by the fact that he is (to our knowledge anyway) the only person on the 815 that landed safely in LA that WASN’T on the original flight 815 that crashed on the island. That detail still makes me wonder if he was time traveling when he appeared to Jack on the flight. For example: why weren’t others who were not on the original flight on the sideways flight (Miles, Charlotte, Daniel, Ilyana,even Ben)? And I would love to know who was piloting the 815 that landed safely in Sideways LA. Was it Seth Norris or Frank.

          • Brent

            Seth was flying the plane, you could hear his voice on the intercom during the flight

          • Drew Lancor

            But the identity of the pilot in sideways 815 isn’t a mystery–he identified himself as Seth Norris over the P.A. system.

        • Gusteaux

          Thanks Brent and Drew. You guys are 100% correct. I had forgotten about that. So Desmond is indeed the only person who was not on the original flight that was on the second (sideways) flight…right?

          • richie k

            has to be..

          • dd

            You do realize that a lot of your questions are absolutely do not need to be answered by the show because they are irrelevant, right?

            Aaron has never been “special.” Desmond’s parents are about as important as any family connected to Lapidus or Juliet.

            The deal with pregnancies has been answered by implication.

            Is Desmond a candidate? Does it matter?

            Are you going to be upset when your questions, things that have no been raised on the show itself, are not answered?

          • HollyP

            Passengers on Sideways flight did not exactly correspond to passengers on the original flight. Shannon was not on the Sideways flight.

            Plus, the Sideways versions of people were in many ways quite different from the original timeline versions. (ie, Sun & Jin not married, Jack a father, Hurley lucky.) Why would the passengers have to be exactly the same people?

  • That is some amazing stuff! I love the line: “Every question I answer will simply lead to another question.” I can’t believe LOST got Allison Janey to guest star!

    • Andrew G.

      Why can’t you believe it?

      • Yeah it seems pretty believable to me.

        • Haven’t seen much of her since “The West Wing”. This could be the beginning of a comeback for her.

      • John

        Andrew G., you are so very friendly.

  • raffadizzle

    who thinks that be kate in 25 years????

    • gusteaux

      Probably just you.

      • Mike Beck

        I think that be a foolish idea

      • domcruise

        “Probably just you.” made me chortle.

  • s.w.a.c.

    Anyone know the title of this one?

    • s.w.a.c.

      Ah, “Across the Sea” (thanks, Lostpedia).

  • accessoire

    Isn’t this kinda weird? They are dressed in blue and red. The woman in blue and red, anyone ;)? The woman in red is pregnant. The woman in blue wears clothes similar to Jacob. She tells the woman, that she was brought there by accident, and while she says that, her eyes are telling, that she knows this isn’t the truth. Could she been the island guide or whatever before Jacob became the new one?

    I guess the woman in red is the mother of either MIB and/or Jacob.

    • Rams

      Or maybe the mother of both. Truly Jacob and Esau.

    • Rams

      Sorry. Guess you said the same thing.

    • Jaime

      The pregnant lady looks a lot like young rousseu….to me at least…

  • accessoire

    Oh and I guess we’re gonna get his real name next episode, yay :).

  • mesa

    This is actually a sneak peak for 6.15. And wow, this looks like Ab Aeterno part 2, or maybe the prequel!

    • Drew Lancor

      “This is actually a sneak peak for 6.15.”

      Well… yeah, that’s the next episode. That’s why it was posted as a “sneak peak.” That was the whole point–it’s a sneak peak at episode 15.

      • ErasedSlate

        Actually, i typed the the wrong numbers when posting the video, which I corrected after the previous post.

  • Senor Entertainment

    That looks like Locke’s girl Leela Bundy.

  • 😮 Oh… my…


  • Charter

    It’s the “crazy” mother from MIB!

  • sparafucile

    Allison Janney is better in comedic roles.

  • Sarah

    omigod – just when I thought there was nothing that could be more awesome… Alison Janney? Alison Janney!!!

    Alison freakin’ Janney. Is in Lost.


    wait, um, story line. No idea. Baffled.

    It’s Alison Janney!

  • adam118

    “Just be grateful you’re alive” By golly gosh, that’s what Ben told Rousseau when he took Alex.

    • richie k

      more mirrors………:)

      • Rams

        The writers keep recycling all the important/catchy lines. It is getting too ridiculous in the alt.

        • trebuchet

          well, the alt is ridiculous. I really don’t see they have any consistency

  • domcruise

    who the hell is alison janney? and why is everyone so excited for her to be on the show?

    • domcruise

      these are now the only answers i require from lost.

      • HollyP

        AJ had a leading role in West Wing as CJ Craig. She’s also been in a lot of movies.

  • Robyn

    I never watched the West Wing and only know Alison Janney as the crazy Marine’s disturbed wife in American Beauty, and she was awesome in that, so I’m excited to see her on Lost.