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Lost anniversary 100th episode photos

By lyly ford,

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Photos of the event for 100th episode with Lost Cast members

well well, doccccccc where are you ? lol ok so no doc around to share with you, amazing photos of some of the cast who were celebrating the event ! very nice cake 🙂

enjoy !

[nggallery id=52]

  • oh god i love this kind of stuff….i can wait for season 5 bloopers…

  • brent

    Good stuff. Nice to see the cast and crew in an enjoyable moment smiling and having fun. LOST is so darn serious most of the time making these pictures even better.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    even with dirt all over her, Juliet is still rocking this party 8 days a week.

  • Very, very cool to see the team of Ace of Cakes mingling with the Lost cast. Can’t wait to see that episode. Nice pics.

  • clueless1der

    I’m so setting my DVR for Ace of Cakes. 😀

  • meems

    I know. I want to watch Ace of Cakes!

  • Well when will we know when this particular episode of Ace of cakes will air?

    • Alaine

      I am a regular viewer of Ace of Cakes. I will certainly post if I hear of an air date.

  • More and more, I’m finding Juliet to be so amazingly hot.

  • ashleyb

    Okay so i’m pretty certain on who all of the little people are except the one with the gray hair standing in front of the suitcase on the right side. Is it Christian???

  • Will

    Gray Haired guy is probably Bernard (next to Rose). I think Richard Alpert is next to him (back against the suitcase)… but whose standing in front of him (closest to the little plane)? Is that Lapidus?

    • Will

      Oh right… gotta be Desmond. Blue shirt!

  • ashleyb

    Yeah i knew desmond. But i thought at first glance that other person was Michael. But it does look more likely to be rose if the gray haired guy is bernard. thanks

  • Pam

    Um.. old news Gorge (Hurley) had this on his blog at least a month ago…
    Still a cool cake though…

  • Pam


  • Pam
  • Pam

    Sorry, about the now quad post I don’t how to edit my posts’
    Jorge did post about this cake on Feb 13th 2009, on his blog.
    It is a great blog check it out. (See above) lol….

  • jacksbeard

    I want a tiny-eatable(i think, and hope, it’s eatable)-version-of-me! =D
    Faraday’s tiny-version rocked the most!

  • I believe that the LOST episode of Ace of Cakes airs on May 7. 🙂

  • elephant in the room

    Jin has to be the hottest asian man alive…damn.

  • Marc

    Did anybody notice how amazingly hot Elizabeth Mitchell looks first picture fourth row. Oh my word.

    • dp2

      And so adorably fascinated by the whole thing. How cute

  • RMutualFriend

    Those are great pics there! I love stuff like that.
    I also like the fact that Jeremy Davies is wearing his characteristic shirt and tie. (Complete with Charlotte’s blood) Hopefully that means his 4 episode gap will be filled in. Of course I am assuming these were taken during the filming of “The Variable”.

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