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Lost ARG – Octagon Global Recruiting Commericial

By ErasedSlate,

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Ah, the Dharma Initiative starts again.  If you missed the commercial, go to  It was during the last commercial break, before the big reveal.


And now for the video (you need flash 9 for this one.)


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  • SairaCSU

    It’s not an ARG it is an advert for the Comic Con in San Diego July 24-27. Hopefully they’ll announce a new ARG there. We’ll see.

  • Wrote a bit about this on my personal blog. My cousin noticed that the date and location match up with the San Diego Comic-Con, so that should be cool. Just waiting on my e-mail from Octagon now.

  • Dan Berry

    what’s really awesome is that I’ll be at Comic Con for that. Which makes me really happy.

  • This site is trying to investigate this – hopefully it turns out to be an ARG or unveils some mysteries about the Dharma Initiative.

  • chris

    anyone notice the footage used at the end is that of desmond typing in the numbers from the season 2 opening

  • LostintheUK

    Hey Chris – nice find, man, I’ve watched it over and over and didn’t notice that! I think SairaCSU is right I think the ARG will be launched at the Comic-Con, this is sort of like the flyer to get everyone down there where I’m sure Lost fans will be in for a treat…makes me think of The Dark Knight viral marketing that got everyone in one place then some van pulled up and grabbed one of the fans off the pavement (at least thats what the crowd was supposed to think) and bundled him in the back of the van…if something cool happens please let your trans-atlantic brethren share in the geekdom via some pics! 🙂

  • LostintheUK

    Thats goes for all of you, not just Chris ! 🙂

  • chromaticblues

    Can someone please tell me why I can’t type in my emailadress correctly? The @ is somehow blocked. I get the “q” all the time I try it.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    If you freeze the commercial at the point when the two silouettes of the hands holding beakers, you’ll notice that one hand is doing the shadow puppet for a rabbit and the other could be a snake…not sure.

  • Adam

    7 seconds into the commercial one of the jobs they list is “mini bus driver”
    They must be looking for a replacement for Hurley-

  • Angela

    Does anyone else think the doctor looks like Christian?

  • ErasedSlate

    the silhouettes most definately are a Rabbit and a Snake. Is this Chinese zodiac? Are they compatible companions?

  • theMachine

    i freezed it, it doesnt seem to be Christian.

  • Angela-
    I TOTALLY think it’s Christian!!! I froze the screen and took a long look at it…I’m agreeing with you!

    BTW, I know I must be out of the loop, but what is Comic con? And has anyone received any contact after sending an email address to Octagonrecruitiong??