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LOST At Comic Con – An Early Preview/How To Stay Informed

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“What do you know about the Comic Con panel?”  Seems to be the prevailing question these days.  The truth is, I know as much as anybody else.  Okay, so maybe that isn’t the truth; maybe I know just a tiny bit more, but for now let’s stick with the knowns:

  • The Comic-Con ’09 Panel will be about giving back to the fans.  This has been made pretty clear by the write up on the mock theme contest webpage.  “It is because of you that we are celebrating our 5th year at Comic-Con, and we would love to incorporate your astounding creativity.”  This would indicate that we’ll be seeing the spotlight turned back on we minions, but to what extent?  Are we talking just a few silly songs? Expect more.  Much more.
  • Who will attend the panel?  Elizabeth Mitchell will be all over Comic-Con, it seems, so would she be a possibility? Ian Somerhalder will be there in support of Vampire Diaries as well.  The question is:  even though they have announced publicly that Emilie De Ravin is coming back as a regular, wouldn’t bringing Mitchell to the panel answer an overarching question about Juliet’s fate?  Maybe not.  In fact, bringing Mitchell could be an even bigger tease.  If Mitchell and past cast members like Somerhalder showed up under the guise of just wanting to be a part of the ‘last’ LOST panel, and avoided questions concerning a season 6 appearance, well… that could be either the truth or the beginning of a long con.
  • Mr. TheODI is reporting that Garcia and Emerson are tentative for the panel.  I gotta tell ya, I’m hearing some additional information but, again, I’m not going to publish it until there is some rock solid confirmation.  All I can say is, IT SUCKS I CAN’T GO! Unfortunately, my streak of not being able to make it to Comic Con for the LOST panel goes unbroken.  Fortunately, That means nothing as far as our coverage goes.  Read on:

As far as our coverage is concerned, we intend to once again be providing LIVE coverage from the panel.  This year the beloved Tapdawg will be in Tokyo.  Bummer. However, we are very fortunate to have pop-culture blogger extraordinaire JOpinionated providing live updates from the floor.  I cannot promise that our streak of being first with an unauthorized audio or video recording of the panel will continue on, however.  We’re working on it.  If you have any ‘ideas’ please contact me at doctorarzt [at] gmail [dot] com.  In the meantime, here is what we have cooking for those who want to stay in the know:

  • Follow @jopinionated and @docarzt on twitter for live tweets.
  • Subscribe to this RSS Feed now, as well as the TVOvermind RSS Feed.
  • Check and frequently, and be sure to visit JOpinionated in the evening for in-depth write ups.
  • If you are interested in the other panels, we will be providing EXHAUSTIVE coverage of those as well, again provided by JOpinionated.  The full schedule for our coverage can be found here on TVOvermind.
  • There WILL be a contest with plenty of LOST schwag, so stay tuned for details.  We’ll be announcing more on that next week.

That is all I have for now. This is sort of a bitter sweet moment, folks.  The LAST LOST panel, the LAST season.  Wow.  Existential shock.