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Lost Behind The Scenes – Enter The Tempest

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In October I had the opportunity to visit the location that doubled as the exterior of “The Tempest,”  Cooper Battery, a WWII gun battery at Kualoa Ranch.  The ranch serves as the location for many of the exteriors in Lost and I’ll have a couple of dozen photos for you of that area soon.

My expert guide Ed Kos of sent along some pics of Cooper Battery dressed up as “The Tempest,” as well as a few shots of the location as it appears without the Dharma embellishments.

I’ve thrown in a couple of pictures I took myself from within the bunker.  The bunker is set up as a sort of museum for the various films and television shows that have filmed there.  In the rear of the bunker is a piece that would be the ultimate collectors item for any Lost fan, a reduced scale model of the valley including that signature ridge line.

Don’t forget to visit, and if your on the island be sure to check him out for an extremely thorough tour of all of the key locations from Lost!