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Lost – Canadian Olympic Outfits inspired by Dharma Initiative?

By ErasedSlate,

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Read the James Wilson article on that brought this to everyone’s attention. I fell out of my chair laughing at this. The Canadian olympic teams are using designs of Chinese elements for their uniforms. However, these designs look strangely familiar. I just have to get one of these outfits.



Coincidence or another Dharma Initiative consipiracy?



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My favorite is the infant solid Canada onsie.


  • Justin

    just because its shaped like an octagon its “copying” the dharma logo? theres nothing in any of them that look similar. The only thing is the shape. If you consider these a dharma rip off then so is the stop sign and any MMA ring that has 8 sides.

  • James

    Wow Jason.. where did it say that?

    “The Canadian olympic teams are using designs of Chinese elements for their uniforms.”

    The idea that they are STEALING LOST INF0Z is a tongue in cheek joke.

    Have you heard one of those before?

    It’s pointing out a similarity and making a good natured rib. Oh, the hilarity.

    Sit here and think about it… tell me when you got it…

    I’ll wait…

  • ErasedSlate

    I used the tongue-in-cheek tag when posting the article, apparently the css parser couldn’t translate. Next time, I’ll try snarky tag. My apologies.

    My next favorite is this keychain:

  • milo

    These are pretty hilarious. You have to wonder if someone involved is a LOST fan.

  • Frank

    Actually, I believe those are the lyrics to Lemon Jelly’s “Elements”

  • Hey whaddya know.. wow this article is everywhere! Haha.
    Just so there’s no hard feelings, (and I’m the James that wrote the original article) the story was just a tongue in cheek observation, as the other James above has already mentioned.
    I’m a rather massive Lost fan, I thought the parallels were humourous (and yeah, I realise the Dharma logos are based on the Chinese ‘I Ching’ symbols) but I couldn’t pass it up. 😉 Thanks for the mention Doc!