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LOST Comic con event

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here one post where you can find a lot of stuff, articles, videos and photos from the Comic con ! (thanks from outlaws for finding a lot of things in this article)

first a great picture of the cast made by EW


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source :Team Kristin Eonline

here you can see one photo of fans because they looked like jack and hurley, very funny 🙂

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LOST news figurines Jack&Sawyer

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video recap made by Jay&Jack where you can see at the end what was in the message on the bird item darlton give to a fan !

Ausiello from EW with Jorge Garcia, Nestor Carbonnel and Michael Emerson

here interview with josh holloway, michael emerson and jorge garcia on access

jay&jack LOST panel
Jay and Jack bring you their Panel from Comic Con 2009. They talk about the final Lost Panel, we get into some listner feed back, and we prepare for the final season of Lost.

Josh, Nestor and Jorge interviews

Josh Holloway on how it feels for the show to be ending: “Bittersweet. As an actor of course I’m interested in playing other roles and experimenting with other things so that part is a bit exciting to possibly do something, a different role. But like I said it’s bittersweet because it’s going to be difficult to top this one. I’ve really been enjoying the exploration of this character throughout [the series] and it’s going to be a sad thing to see it end.”

Josh Holloway on if Sawyer and Kate will get back together: “I have no idea. Maybe that’s towards the end. I hope they don’t throw me right in there because that would be shallow. [Laughs.] But we’ll see. I don’t know. Maybe she’ll bring him back around to wanting to live again, that’s what I’m hoping.”

Nestor Carbonell on the challenge of playing such a mysterious character: “My first episode was as a recruiter to get Juliet to come to the island. I ended up killing her ex-husband who was stopping her from leaving [for] the island… When I read the material I thought it’d be interesting if I didn’t play him – I’ve got to convince her, so I can’t tip her off that I’ve got some other surreptitious ideas, I’ve got to be genuine and honest and kind and probably have a good reason for doing this, for killing her ex-husband. So that was always my mantra was just don’t play the villain, play him as a human being and to this day I don’t really know if he’s good or bad or evil or how much of him is good or how much of him is [evil]. Just when I’ve figured out the character, I open up another script and I say, ‘Oh my God, now I’m completely thrown!'”

Nestor Carbonell on Richard’s apparent immortality: “I still don’t know how old he is. Time is, he could be several hundred years old. Maybe his process of aging is so much slower that he’s essentially the same person in the 30 years that we’ve seen him… I know I think as much as you guys know: that I’ve been around a number of years, I don’t have a number on that; I don’t seem to change much; and that I wear eyeliner permanently. [Laughs.]”

Jorge Garcia on how it feels for the show to be ending: “It’s bittersweet knowing that this is the end and that there’s going to be a lot of final moment things coming up, like the last time these two might have a scene together, the last time we’re in this set, all that stuff, it’s going to happen. It’s going to be kind of a melancholy year I think but I think the story should be good. It’s good to get out when you’re still hungry.”

Jorge Garcia on what “Lost” means to him: “[The show] has allowed me to do, you know, romantic scenes, action [scenes], I mean running away from an exploding plane wing is still like a huge highlight for my career. And driving the getaway van and there’s been a lot of really cool stuff that I never really thought I’d be doing as an actor. All that’s been just awesome.”

you can read more here :

very great article about the LOST panel, i post fews parts and you can read more on the link

lost6001Months of Script Sessions and Rehearsals Later, ‘Lost’ Goes to Comic-Con
To appreciate how important the annual pop-entertainment convention here has become to movie studios and television networks — and how much effort it takes to get noticed at it — consider the “Lost” presentation on Saturday in front of more than 6,500 people. That hourlong show, complete with scripted comedy routines and 13 glossy original videos, took a dozen people four months to produce. The budget for song rights, props and actor travel alone was $25,000.

Planning for the “Lost” presentation at Comic-Con, which concluded on Sunday, started in early April with meetings about what kind of Easter eggs, or hidden clues, to include about the program’s sixth and final season. Then came the writing and taping of videos, some of them starring cast members, that would deliver those hints. Producers worked to obtain song rights. Travel logistics needed to be arranged for five actors and their entourages. “We really want the fans to leave feeling satisfied,” Damon Lindelof, a “Lost” executive producer, said last Tuesday during a final planning session on the ABC Studios lot in Burbank, Calif. His fellow executive producer, Carlton Cuse, nodded in agreement.
The biggest tease was Dominic Monaghan, whom producers brought onstage as a finale. Mr. Monaghan, who played the recovering drug addict Charlie Pace, drowned in the show’s third season but not before writing a message on his palm. As he waved to the crowd, eagle-eyed fans could see there was a new message inked on his hand: “Am I Alive?” (It was a busy convention for Mr. Monaghan. ABC announced there on Friday that he would be joining the cast of its new fall science fiction drama “Flash Forward.”)
Sound effects needed to be selected. One skit called for Josh Holloway (Sawyer) to zap Mr. Lindelof with a Taser, and somebody had loaded options on an iPod. “I’m O.K. with zap No. 4,” Mr. Lindelof said, gulping his soy latte. A bird was giving everyone fits. Producers wanted to give a stuffed seagull to the first fan who asked a question containing the word “Claire,” a reference to a scene in Season 3 when Claire Littleton (Emilie de Ravin) tied a note to the leg of a seagull.

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you can read several summary of the event here
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and for endind this long post that i hope you liked
no age to be LOST FAN !
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