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Lost Discussion – Bromance

By professorstotch,

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churleyBromance – noun – The intense love shared between heterosexual males. A form of male bonding and usually invisible to the naked eye. This bond is normally only shared between two males that have a deeper understanding of each other, in a way no woman could ever realise.

For years now, Lost fans have placed a huge investment into trying to figure out it’s many relationships. Often times, we lose sight of one of the most important aspects of the show. The Bromances. For those of you unfamiliar with Bromances, I’ve included a handy definition above. In case you’re still a little clueless, let me just say that a good bromance can often be more important that trying to figure out which one of 4-5 guys Kate will sleep with next week. Where typical relationships provide drama, crying, angry fights, tears, love, and even some signs of happiness, bromances help remind us that there are more important things in life. They set us up with some great comedic elements, they help lighten the mood from time to time, and they help remind us that, at its core, Lost is a character show. That’s the main point of a bromance on TV…to build good characters. You’re probably wondering: “What is the point of this?” Well, my friend, the point is to pay tribute to some of the best bromances on Lost. Let’s do that.

Bros: Charlie and Hurley
Broname: Churley
Why They’re Awesome: This is the original right here. Churley was hitting it off right from season one all the way up to…well…you know. The bantering, the jokes, the crazy adventures into the jungle. Together these two provided some of the best moments in the early seasons, and helped to provide a few healthy distractions when people were being kidnapped and getting eaten by the monster.
Best Bro Moment: This will probably be a debate, but I’m going to have to go with the moment in season three, during the episode “Greatest Hits.” During this episode, Hurley, not wanting to go on another hike through the jungle, but still wanting to help, offers to help Charlie and Desmond. How does Charlie respond? Well to paraphrase here, it went something like: “You’re a fatty, and you won’t fit in the boat.” Awesome. Despite the fact that this was just Charlie’s attempt in making sure Hurley didn’t have to see him die, it still summarizes the type of bromance these two had going on. Hurley looks shocked, they hug, and Hurley gives a: “Dude, I didn’t want to go in your stupid boat.” And then…wait for it…they both say: “I love you, man.” Come on! Does it get any better than this people?! This original bromance set the Lost standard for all bromances to follow.

Bros: Charlie and Desmond
Broname: Chesmond
Why They’re Awesome: They’re not your typical bromance. I like to think of Chesmond as sort of a love/hate thing. Sometimes they’re laughing, having a good time, other times it’s all brooding and sad. The thing about this bromance…they always kept us on our toes. And by the end of it, the two were the best of buds. Heck, Desmond even named his kid after Charlie! It doesn’t get much more bromantic than that!
Best Bro Moment: “No mattah wot I try and do Chahlee…you’re gonna die.” The phrase that was heard round the world, and kicked off this season-long pile of bromance. After that right there, you knew that we would be seeing a lot of Desmond and Charlie together during the rest of the season. Sadly, in the end, Desmond ended up being right. And I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this may be one of the most important bromances in the history of bromances. Because of Chesmond, we were witness to Desmond’s crazy seeing the future powers, and we were able to remember Charlie as a hero. Just think about that second one. Charlie wouldn’t be remembered the same had Desmond just let him die in the ocean, or via a bolt of lightning. But because of Desmond’s interactions with him, Charlie went down with a hero’s legacy.

Bros: Locke and Ben
Broname: Becke
Why They’re Awesome: Where to start with these two…now here’s a bromance that’s been going strong since about mid second season. I’d like to think of this as your typical competitive-style bromance. Both Locke and Ben are always going to different extremes to prove who’s more special to the island. Right now I think Ben’s got the upper hand in the contest, but Locke’s definately moving into first place soon.
Best Bro Moment: A lot to pick here, but I’m going to go with: “Hello Ben, welcome to the land of the living.” Just like the Churley line, this line sums up the Becke bromance pretty well. Basically, to me anyways, it says: “Hey sucker, I’m still here. You shot me in my gut, and that didn’t work. You tried to leave the island to get away from me, that didn’t work. You tried to strangle me, that didn’t work either. We’re stuck together, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Nananananana!” And that’s it right there. This is the type of bromance that will go on a long time. And despite the fact that these two “hate” each other, they’ll both be very upset when the other leaves. This is why Ben said he’d miss John after the strangulation. These two guys need each other to function right now. John needs Ben to learn about the island, and Ben needs Locke to make the island happy. These two are stuck together…like an island-bound odd couple.

Bros: Miles and Hurley
Broname: Miley
Why They’re Awesome: These two just have the make up to take bromance to levels that all the others never could. Once Hurley is able to penetrate Miles’ tough shell, these two are going to be the best of buds. And even if they’re not BFF, they’re still awesome. “Some Like it Hoth” was just a taste of the awesome potential Miley has.
Best Bro Moment: Time travel conversations. That’s what Miley’s all about now. For a long time, Hurley has represented the typical fan. Not too hardcore, confused a little, and just wants to figure out what the hell’s going on. Now insert Miles; the representation of that hardcore fan who just knows all the answers, and gets annoyed when less hardcore fans ask questions he may find stupid. Take these two ingredients, stir in a pot, add some mutton chop side burns, let simmer for a few episodes, and bam! You got yourself a nice serving of bromance, dude. Everything we’ve seen from them has been nothing short of awesome bro moments. And I’m not doubting there’s going to be a lot more to come. I’m picturing this developing into the bromance that other bromances wish they were. Forget Lost itself, this has the potential to surpass some of the greatest bromances of all time across any media. But alas, those who get too close to Hurley usually die…

So there you have a list of my favorite Lost bromances. I’m sure you guys are able to think of a few others I’m forgetting. Let’s have a poll though. I’ll include my four, plus a spot for your entry. Feel free to discuss!

NOTE: I wanted to include a poll, but sadly couldn’t figure it out…but let’s pretend!