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Lost Discussion/Spoilers – Flashing Forward to Follow the Leader

By professorstotch,

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richardFirst things first…this is a preview post for tonight’s episode. If you’ve avoided spoilers so far, then you’ll want to stay away. This post will contain spoilers as well as information from the recently released sneak peaks. For those of you who still with us…let’s go!

You’re 46?

Hurley this season has been awesome. That’s pretty much all that needs to be said. The way he answers Chang’s questions, and then just buckles under too much pressure is an amusing sight. But what I’m more excited to see here is the reaction Chang will have when he ultimately realized that Miles is his son. I’m sure he’s suspected it before. The guy knows all about time travel, and seems to 100% believe that it’s possible. But I don’t think he’s ever considered the outcomes of it. That first interaction they’re going to have as a father/son pairing should be fairly cool. I wonder if Chang will be disappointed to learn that the son of a legit scientist ends up being nothing more than a taxi driver. Maybe that brain power doesn’t run in the family. Then again, Miles did seem to have somewhat of a grasp on the time travel concepts while discussing them with Hurley a fe episodes back. Maybe there’s still more to Miles than meets the eye. I’m curious to see the whole Chang forcing his wife and child off the island thing go down this week. It’ll probably be held off to next week though, save all the touching moments for the finale.

Speaking of finale…

We’re just a week away now! How crazy is that? It just feels like this season has flown by. Is it just me, or does if feel like yesterday that we were watching Hurley throw a Hot Pocket at Ben while saying he’s never going back to the island? My how things have changed! We’re now left with just three hours in season five, and I still feel like we have a ton to get resolved. The whole Locke/Ben/Sun thing seems like it’d take multiple hours to sort out on it’s own. But we’ll get to that later on. We also have to see if Jack’s able to stop the Incident. We have to get through an island evacuation. There’s just so much going on! I wish we had a teeny bit more time to get these things wrapped up. I’m sure it’ll be fine, the Lost gods have not steered us wrong so far.

The whole Locke/Ben/Sun thing…

What is going on with this?! I’m sorry to say it, but I feel like this is just dragging on and on and on, with no resolution in sight. We get about one scene or so each episode to advance this section of the plot, and that’s it. Everyone in 1977 is moving at full speed ahead, but everyone in the present/maybe future/we don’t really know yet, seems to be dragging their feet in the sand. For me, this is a perfect representation of the “Old Lost” compared to the “New Lost.” Remember in the days of the Old Lost, when it would take half a season to resolve an issue? We’d sit for so long looking at the hatch, just itching to know what’s inside of it. Then finally, at the start of the next season, we’d learn what it was all about. With the New Lost, things are much different. We’d be full speed ahead, telling you what’s in that hatch in two episodes. I’m not complaining here, I liked both versions of Lost, old and new. I just wish we’d settle on one middle ground version. You can’t have one group going 100 miles an hour, and then the other group taking six episodes to walk across the beach. I’m just hoping we get some resolution in this story soon.

I watched them all die…

Ok, so Richard knows what’s going down. My assumption here is that he’s referring to watching them all die in 1977. Given the fact that Sun is holding the picture and all, I don’t really feel like this can be interpretted any other way. So taking it as it is, how are they all going to die? And when he says all, does he really mean all of them? Jack, Kate, Hurley, Jin, etc. Because no offense to the Lost gods here, but I have a little bit of a hard time believing that they’re all going to be dead at the end of the season. I mean, it could happen, I won’t rule anything out on this show…but even for Lost, it’d be a little out there to kill the majority of it’s main cast before the last season. I don’t think they’re all going to die. I don’t even think Richard believes they’re all dead. I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say that Richard is lying. He’s covering up something that happened in the past by saying that they’re all dead. What if this happened…what if the Incident goes down as planned, and all those who travelled back end up stuck there, realizing that they can’t change anything. And with this, they realize that it’s their destiny to stay on the island and help guide others to their destiny. They’d become something like overseers for the island, always influencing things to make sure things continue to happen. Now I’m going to go even further out on that limb (I hope it doesn’t snap) and say that Jacob is in the same situation here. The difference with Jacob though, is that he’s been doing the opposite. He’s been trying to change the past, and make the perfect future. All his time traveling back and forth has caused him to become unstuck in time, and that’s the Jacob we saw in the cabin. So what if the war that’s coming isn’t something between Dharma and the Hostiles, but rather between those who are trying to change the past, and those who are trying to keep everything the same? Jack vs. Jacob. Science vs. Faith. Jack thinking that science dictates that nothing can be changed. Jacob on the faith side thinking that we have the free will to change the past and influence the future. Hmmmm…

Jack…your nose is bleeding…

So Jack’s going to get the crap kicked out of him. Which frankly…he deserves. Now, I’m a full blown Jack fan, in case some of you couldn’t tell. I’ve been a Jack fan since the very first eye opened up in the Pilot. But to be honest here, Jack’s been being kind of a douche this past season. And it’s about time some one started knocking some sense into him. The only downside to this, is that it seems like it’s not going to work. Despite the fact that he just saw Faraday get killed, and then he gets his face smashed in, and he’s still trying to convince Kate that this bomb needs to go off so they can change things! Come on, Jack! Now one thing I do agree with here. When he tells Kate that enough of the past has been miserable, he’s obviously referring to his memories of her. And can you really blame him for being so cold towards her? She’s done nothing but screw around with him since season one, and to be quite honest here, it’s been kind of miserable for a lot of us watching. I’m not trying to start some kind of shipping war here, all I’m saying is that Kate sucks. And referring to the last paragraph on Richard. I really wish he would’ve said “Yeah I remember them…they were all there when Kate got killed.” That would’ve been a nice touch. Right!?

Now since we’re on the subject of Jack, I want to bring up something that was brought to my attention a while back. A good pal of mine, who guys by the name of Clueless1der, pointed something out to me back in the middle of the season that I feel becomes more and more accurate as time goes on. She had mentioned that it’s possible that the Lost gods are purposely making Jack out to be a wicked douche this season, because they’re setting him up for his walk on the road to redemption in season six. Now, like I said, it seems like as the season goes on, this is becoming more of a reality. I know there are people who really think Jack’s going to die at some point, but I just kind of shrug it off. In the end, the story of Lost ultimately boils down to being a story about Jack, and his character. And I agree that we are seeing these things like Jack’s drug addiction, and his douchieness, because in the end we’re going to see his road to redemption.

Richard builds ships in a bottle.

Those things are hard…and they take a lot of time and patience. Good thing Richard has a lot of both. After last week’s episode, I realized that I had no idea what character centricity (is that a word?) this week was supposed to have. So I marched my way over to, and checked it out. Come to find out, it’s supposed to be Richard-centric! I was excited about this news. Then I realized that this doesn’t necessarily mean we’d be getting Richard flashbacks. All it really means is Richard will probably be the central character of the episode. But I’m still hoping for flashbacks. I was glad that they returned to flashbacks as their main plot device, and I hope that continues this week. There’s so much to Richard that could be explained, and I’m just waiting for it. You know what would be cool? Reverse flashbacks. Usually they’re told in chronological order, but it’d be cool if we could see them told in opposite order, with the last one showing us one of the earliest moments in Richard’s life, and showing us just how old he really is. I know that’d be a ton to ask for, but it’d be pretty cool.

RIP Daniel

Let’s take a moment of silence for Daniel Faraday.



So what’s everyone else feeling for tonight? Any good theories or predictions you want to throw out there? The only thing I’ll ask…there are a couple “detailed synopses” I’ve seen teased out there. I personally haven’t read them, but if you have, then please avoid laying anything too heavy in the comments. Thanks!