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Lost Eastereggs – Which Foot is it?

By ErasedSlate,

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From the finale of Season 2, we are introduced to the four-toed statue.  Well it seems that the biggest mystery may not be the 4-toes.  It may not even be the identity of the statue.  The biggest mystery may be the possible foot shuffle from season 2 to season 5. 

Here is the foot from Season 2.  Click to enlarge.


Notice that it is a left foot, four toes, and the pedastal appears broken where the right foot would go.

 Here is the base of the statue when it was intact.


Take note of the position of the right foot in connection to the left.  Also note the edge of the pedestal in relation to the right foot.

Now, the broken statue as unLocke approaches from the Jungle.


This image is inconclusive.  The pedestal is in the position of the right foot, but the angle of the ankle suggests left.  The angle of the shot may conceal the length of the edge to the foot.  And, the pedestal is not broken as it appears to be above.

As, Richard and unLocke prepare to see Jacob, their persepective is low but it seems to suggest a right foot.foot_s5b

Here is another perspective of the foot.  As Ben and unLock enter from the pedestal, they enter from where you would expect the right foot to be.  There is a crack in the ceiling.  In the picture below,  the entrance is behind them.


As Ben looks up, he sees the broken foot.  The next cap is from his perspective.


From his position, we should be looking at the left foot.

So, what about it?  Which foot are we looking at?  Does the foot switch from season 2 to season 5?  Is this a clue to the larger mystery of Lost?  It appears to me that the two seasons are consistent, that this is the left foot.  However, the angles we are given of the statue leaves room for doubt.  We have all summer and fall to investigate…