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Lost Filming Resumes? Live Without a Script?

By docarzt,

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Rumors are circulating wildly that Lost has resumed filming.  HOWEVER, I would stress some caution over this news.  Ryan from Hawaii Blog has posted some twitter messages that some filming has been spotted and confirmed to be LOST related, but they COULD be doing pickups for existing episodes, re-shoots of previously scripted scenes.  This may NOT be a new episode.

BREAKING:  ABC has just told me that there is ABSOLUTELY NO TRUTH to Lost resuming filming.  This doesn’t, I suppose, mean that they couldn’t still be re-shooting some scenes for editing purposes, but there are NO new episodes in production right now.

THINK ABOUT IT:  All of the completed scripts have been filmed.  If there were more scripts, they would have been in production by now.  The LOST writing staff would be putting themselves up for serious WGA penalties had they been developing scripts for LOST during the strike.  According to my contacts at ABC there is no plan for how to resume LOST production at this point.  An estimate of 4-6 weeks was given, which makes sense considering that the writers would need to bank a couple of scripts to have the production engine running.

More Updates:  The filming is LEGITIMATE!  However, it is not new scenes. Ryan has personal contact with crew members who are saying they will be working for a week.  Meanwhile,  an ABC Spokesman has allowed me to go on the record with their position that “this is totally not true.  They have not resumed filming. “