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Lost Finale Most Watched Show of the Week

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Lost may be down, but it still rocks the ratings according to the week in the review report from Nielsen:

“The popular ABC mystery show “Lost” was the most-watched show last week, according to Nielsen Media Research.

The show, which normally ranks as the 19th most favorite among viewers,
surprised by drawing 12.3 million viewers, the research firm said. The
show peaked in its final half-hour, with 12.7 million.”

Take that doom-sayers.

  • Defunk

    12.3 million viewers. Is that supposed to be alot in such a huge country as the USA is?
    In the UK even the most terrible of soap operas have been known to hit over 25 million viewers and we are just but a tiny island.

    12.3 isn’t anything to shout about if the truth be told.
    Lost has now become “cult” and left it’s mainstream roots well behind itself due to the direction (or lack of) of the story and it’s delving into the realms of hardcore sci-fi. In doing so it’s inevitable that figures will drop off.

    Trying to make out the figures are great tho is insulting the intelligence of anyone with a basic grasp of reality.

  • DustinCahill

    Not to be a ‘doom-sayer’,but didn’t most popular television end two weeks ago? Meaning that this is just an added boost of telivision deprived viewers who normally would be watching America’s Criminal Mind’s or whatever is usually on? Good news, though.

  • Defunk

    Oh yeah.. and we can talk all day about the great character building and empathizing that we have with jack, sawyer, locke, jin et al. As well as the “what a great musical score tonights episode had in the scene when boy met girl” but no matter how subtle it tries to be it is a cult program now and is sci-fi and obviously not to the average viewers tastes any longer.
    I still love the program (as i’m a sci-fi fan) but really hate the way people try to make out the show is something it so obviously isn’t.
    The ratings will drop a little further over the last 2 seasons as it’s the nature of the beast. Probably not as greatly as they have till now but when you step back a little and look at the show objectivly it’s not really suprising. Is it?

  • milo

    Defunk, that actually is a really good number for TV in the USA. It’s rare for shows to break 20 million here, the only thing to get in the 20s recently was the American Idol finale.

    I’m not sure why shows in Britian get bigger audiences more often. More shows to choose from? More viewing via DVR, which only counts if it’s within 3 hours?

    As much as you’d like to proclaim the death of the show, it’s not a cult show by any stretch of the imagination. It was in the top ten a number of times this season, and has held up very well this season compared with many other shows. Don’t forget, after the writers strike virtually ALL shows came back to much lower ratings. LOST actually did much better than most. People have been predicting the death of the show since the second or third season, and yet the numbers have stayed strong.

    Honestly, the direction of the story has nothing to do with it, it’s just external factors. This season seemed to be at least as well received as any previous season based on audience and critical reaction. This is still an EXTREMELY mainstream show. Really, would any “cult” show be the top show of any week, even one that is light on new episodes of most shows?

  • theMachine

    Defunk…I just looked up UK ratings and the highest rated show is EASTENDERS (MON 2000) 9.20 million people. Where is your 25 million??? 12.3 million is good in the US, and as we all know, Nielsen ratings is not a perfect science. They derive these numbers from 3000 people COUNTRYWIDE! That is how they formulate this stuff, not to mention the number of people who DVR shows. I do understand what you are saying though. I got the UK numbers from BARB.

  • Uncle Beaver

    Why isn’t ABC replaying old episodes? Are there any plans for LOST to go into syndication? Not that it would matter to many of us, ‘cuz we probably own ’em all on DVD, but they could get new audiences to look at this show. I watched ALIAS in syndication (always waiting for something really cool to happen…. it didn’t) and TiVo’d every episode.

  • heythereyourself

    25 million for a soap opera???!!! Well at least we now know how Tony Blair got into office. I think the show is a little cultish, in that it’s not really a show that you just watch every once in while with the same predictabilty as your run-of-the-mill drama. The show definetly has a “cult” following, but that whole word “cult”, has always meant, at least to me, something intelligent,refreshing, and innovative that the average 7 out of 10 is too dumb to pick up on. In my opinion this is one of the best shows to ever be on television let alone network television, and if you haven’t got on yet, good ridinace, who needs ya (hopefully the studio will feel the same way). As long as the show is allowed to run it’s course (i.e. Twin Peaks) who cares what the ratings are, i know i don’t. 25 million for a soap opera. ha! P.S. This is not a hostile post nor do I beleive this to be everyone’s opinion. Tony Blair was not harmed in the creation of this post.

  • Defunk

    25 million wasn’t quoted as this weeks figures i did say “has been known”
    If you really want to split hairs then the highest audiance for said soap opera was actually 30.15 million (look it up if you must)

    Yeah less channels and options are part of it and really none of this is what i was really trying to get accross anyway.

    It’s become cult is what i was saying and that the figures dropping season after season isn’t a suprise to me all things considered.
    Wear your lost rose tinted glasses and back it to the hilt if you like but i think when removed it’s easy enough to see why somany have turned off.

    I don’t hate lost nor do i hate sci-fi like i also said before. I love lost and have watched every episode and will watch it till the end but i am also objective and can see things from a non fanatical viewpoint. I also am not saying cult is bad. I completley agree with heythereyourself that cult is more stimulating and different. It’s just it will not be every1’s cup of tea. Members of my family watched and loved season 1 and then felt dissapointed by season 2 by mid season 3 they had all stopped watching because it wasn’t to their “mainstream” requirements. I continue to watch and enjoy it.

    If 12 million viewers is considered a high rating in america then i don’t dispute that as i wouldn’t really know all i i know is a comparison of seasons and from what some shows get in the UK. which was why i thought the number sounded low.

  • jimmy ze00

    All I’m gonna say on this matter is:
    Where the HELL are Merl and Slate’s weekly articles? How are you going to hook me in all season and then after the finale, give me jack-shit? Ridiculous. Worthy of ridicule.

  • ForgivenTheWarlord

    DeFunk is correct on one point… sci-fi is regarded as lower rated than other television shows. That’s why the network wanted them to hide the sci-fi aspect for as long as they could.

    The ratings have dropped from season 1, and they will continue to drop over time more than likely.

    It doesn’t matter though because unless something drastic happens, there will be enough viewers for there to be a season 6 anyway.

  • fred

    Broadcast ratings don’t tell the whole story with Lost. I was just reading a column on Torrentfreak the other day… Lost is the most downloaded show on bittorrent, typically over 10million downloads each week/episode. It’s also tough to ignore Lost’s ranking on iTunes, as well… and in addition to that, I know many folks who prefer to get the DVD sets and wait to see the show until then, so they can watch all the episodes at once.

    For all the gnashing of teeth over the show’s apparent decline in ratings, I think lots of folks forget that Lost viewers tend to embrace other forms of media as well, and I’d venture to say the show is more popular than ever–it’s just that all the viewers aren’t accounted for by Nielsen. If you add up the broadcast numbers, DVR numbers, iTunes, Bittorrent… is it not the most watched program in the world?

  • Jalocke

    Personally I think the argument about people who download illegally or tivo it is stupid. The network doesnt care how many people are skipping the commercials. The ratings are here to say oo look LOST is more popular now its to show advertisers… “hey look at how many people watch our show give us more money.” The more people who watch it with ads the more money our show receives. Im not against tivo, I just think the networks don’t care at all how many people tivo.

  • richie

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