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Lost Finale: Interviews Damon Lindelof

By ErasedSlate,

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At least there is good news for the fans that are discouraged by the flash-sideways, Lindelof promises that it will pay-off in the end. And, while the finale will certainly answer some questions, it will also leave us with more.

Watch the interview from the Hollywood Reporter.

  • Aldo lover

    I want to know what these new sets in the finale are going to be! Well not really, I don’t like spoilers.

  • Aldo lover

    Damn it, my theory that Lost was all a dream of Matthew Fox’s character Charlie from Party of Five was shot down. (With cameos from Jennifer Love Hewit, Neve Campbell and Lacey Chabert)

    • Ed-Mars

      Yeh… Jack dreamed of watching Sawyer and Kate on a Dharma monitor, while those two were having at it in the bear cages. Yeh, why not?

  • MIB Pants

    ewww…..not so sure i like his last statement.

    • docarzt

      I think what he means is that the fans are going to second guess the ending, no matter what it is.

      • kaptan36

        Yeah but he also stated that if the storytelling seemed “forced”, that they just went in a different direction. I find this ironic, because I feel that the last 2 seasons, especially this one, feel extremely forced and rushed, and that the directing and production quality have dropped severely.

        • Jennifer

          Forced – Suliet
          Forced – “The Incident” in its entirety
          Forced – everyone sitting around and moving around randomly for most of Season 6
          Forced – Hurley and Libby and Charlie and Claire are suddenly “soulmates” – I’m sorry, but Claire had only barely begun speaking to Charlie again and they’re epic romance?
          Forced – Ilana being introduced then dying for no reason
          Forced – the reveals for the whispers and the statue
          Forced – we didn’t know what to do with Sun so we gave her the same line of dialogue for an entire season and then let her die.

          Yeah, Season 5 and 6 have not seemed very strong on a character front. I feel like Darlton have been second-guessing themselves and the pacing is just off. There are tons of scenes of people waiting around in various locations. I’ve felt like I’ve been in line at some kind of island DMV for a while now. First at the Temple, then at various camps. Then all of a sudden everything happens in 5 minutes. I remember when character’s deaths (Charlie’s, for example) took a moment. Now Sayid is gone in a matter of seconds and Jin and Sun don’t even get to have a nice final leisurely farewell conversation and it’s not even in Korean (which would make more sense. Hey, “Lost”, we’re not dumb! We can still read subtitles!)

          Anyway… I’m wondering what they mean by not showing scenes they haven’t earned. I can think of a few I’ve already seen lately.

  • RodimusBen

    Since the season premiere, I have been and remain fully confident that we are going to get a stunning and immensely satisfying conclusion to this epic. Damon has echoed much of my own sentiment about the show in this interview, so I’m entering these final episodes with high expectations.

  • Bakedbob

    I had faith that they will show us something really new in the finale (new sets)
    and that is confirmed.

    And they dont need new sets for the sideways world.
    But for the island in a different (epic)time i believe as i have said before.
    Also Lost started with blowing our minds… i think it will end that way too.

    i still have faith..

    • Andrew G.

      “And they dont need new sets for the sideways world.”

      You, of course, have NO idea whatsoever if that’s a true statement.

  • furnaceface

    I think this whole fan angst and crisis of faith so many are experiencing will only ever happen once. No other fans of this series, in generations to come, will ever feel quite the same deep connection to the show the current fans do.

    That’s a sad thing, in that they’ll never experience the theorizing, the musings, the recaps, the fan humour, the learning, the easter egg hunting, the speculation, the anticipation, the collective joy or the collective angst and most importantly the COMMUNITY that currently exists. But it’s also a good thing, because they’ll be able to enjoy the show as it was always meant to be shown; in an unbroken, seamless experience where the story will speak for itself before the eyes of the audience and the answers are only a DVD away.

    Us fans live in a very interesting and incredibly unique time. The LOST experience as we know it will only ever happen once, and when it’s over that experience will be forever and irrevocably changed.

    • Lego

      I think the best part of lost has been teasing out theories and answers. It is going to be very sad to see how little new fans to the show will be involved in this. If the ‘answers’ are only a DVD away there is much less incentive to think about things more deeply. Sad.

    • whateverhappenedhappened

      I disagree that the show was always meant to be shown in ‘an unbroken, seamless’ way, considering the amount of cliff hangers used. The show thrives on the fact that we have to wait a week (or 2), or 9 months until the next episode, as this is what generates those ‘water cooler’ moments.
      Otherwise, AMEN. I completely agree that we are very lucky to have the experience of joining together in our own geeky way!

    • imfromthefuture

      i disagree because if i can have had one thing over the last three years since i started watching it would be that i could magically watch every episode not made some how..

      also watching the first two seasons on dvd was the best way to watch it constantly satisfying my lust for more show.. i hate playing the waitin game and avoiding spoilers..

      having said all that it is obvious that although the community is fun.. the show is better watched on dvd because that way you can avoid having the show ruined for you because no matter how anti spoiler you are (like myself) it is impossible to avoid them all..

      • whateverhappenedhappened

        Well, of course we would all love to see all of the episodes immediately, but I don’t think this would give us the chance to appreciate the show properly. The immense cliffhanging moments don’t resonate without that agonising gap between episodes. On dvd, I don’t feel that this is captured. I think the joy and horror is in the wait – in hindsight it is the wait that makes it so enjoyable: I don’t think that Juliet’s sacrafice would mean half as much without the 9 months to think about it and it’s consiquences.
        That being said, at the end of series 5 I would have considered given up a limb to sit in Room 23 and watch the whole of season 6 back to back.

      • haiddengould

        An interesting note about the book Our Mutual Friend. I believe I read that it was not released all at once, but as a weekly serial in a local Newspaper. So with that said and the fact I really like the WTF moments at the end of some episodes, I’d say watching weekly is better. The anticipation is awesome.

        • whateverhappenedhappened

          Yep, all of Dickens’ novels were episodically released before they were bound and sold as one. Dickens was a regular for a literary magazine which had various other Victorian writers publishing through it.
          Many Victorian writers began a story, not knowing it would become popular, and had no ending. Remind you of anything?

          • Great points, furnaceface.

            When I describe LOST’s story telling, the easiest comparison is to a book, not television. It’s a heavily serialized mystery – to the point where if you miss a week you’re in trouble. Think about the havoc caused by skipping a chapter in a book. I think the legacy of the show will only increase when it’s fully available on DVD because people CAN go to the next episode. A lot of viewers checked out during season 3 because of the hiatus and the “slowness” of the episodes. I watched the first 3 seasons on DVD before watching Season 4 live and noticed nothing of this slowness because I could just put in another disc.

            I agree – the people watching the show on DVD will never have the week to week agony that begins when the black card flashes on the screen and ends with “Previously on LOST…” but I think the show will be better for it.

      • amy

        I didn’t start watching till season five. I watched all fours seasons back to back on dvd and then had to wait 9mhts to watch season 5 (even though I cheated and watched the finale of 5 before watching the whole season). I don’t think I would have stuck with the show as enthusiastically had I not done that. I am not a tv person, this is the ONLY show I watch now.
        That being said I am glad that I didn’t wait till the series ended to come in. I am glad to have had it both ways. I do rather enjoy the wait (now that I have gotten used to it) becuase it allows a lot more time to reflect and theorize. My husband and I are both fans and our dinner time conversation is usually that of what we think about LOST.
        I think the fans coming in late will miss out on a lot but I think they will still get a really good story! And like he said there will still be lots of theorizing to do after the show ends….

    • Rosie

      [“I think this whole fan angst and crisis of faith so many are experiencing will only ever happen once. No other fans of this series, in generations to come, will ever feel quite the same deep connection to the show the current fans do.”]

      That’s pretty much the case for fans of other well-known sci-fi/fantasy shows like BABYLON 5, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, ANGEL, etc.

    • Buruso

      The funny thing is that, the fans crisis of faith in the show and their struggle to believe in it, echoes Jack´s very own struggle; so, as Jack seems now so willingly to believe -despite so many deceptions- many fans also will remain truthfull to the idea of an outstanding finale. The viewer wants the same kind of redemption as the character (talk about the Pearl Station)… everyone is wanting to find out how everything makes sense as much as Jack and co. do. Jack said he will stay in the island. The loyal fans will remain true to the show. The island is the show as much as The Orchid, a hybrid flower is a crossing path between two worlds, a turning point is a donkey-wheel and the end is near.

  • Buzzkiller

    This break really does feel like the the calm before the storm of final episodes. Then, the epic journey of LOST will be over 🙁

  • minnie swirl

    I have confidence in the writers because they have entertained me and engaged me in a way that no other show has done. I even enjoyed episodes that many others have called “filler” (a term I don’t believe in regarding this show). Therefore, I fully expect the finale to work. However, no matter what the writers come up with I feel they will get tarred and feathered because I do believe many have watched this season with their arms folded while thinking, “There is no way you can bring this to a satisfying conclusion and I bet you can’t prove me wrong.”

    • RodimusBen

      That’s a good point about the filler. There really hasn’t been a single episode of this show that hasn’t advanced the plot in some way, with the possible exception of Expose, but that episode was funny as hell.

      And you’re right about the writers being in a no-win situation. No matter how spectacular the finale is, there’s going to be a certain chunk of the fandom upset that their vision wasn’t realized. True as well of this final season in general, and you described the phenomenon better than I’ve read anywhere else– it’s a contingent of the hardcore fandom, the ones who have made LOST their life for six years, who are folding their arms and looking for reasons to be pissed with the ending.

      • The Magician

        beautifully put.

  • Great interview with Damon. Most people don’t grasp the labor it takes to put a televion show together – especially one as epic as LOST. They’ve taken us all over the world while barely leaving Hawaii, which in itself is a great accomplishment.

    As far as the ending, (and I’ve said this before) but I believe that things are splitting into camps, much like the show. It seems the people who have always looked as LOST as a puzzle to solve are the one’s disappointed. I think Jeff Jensen is the cardinal example of that this season. I’ve always read all of Jensen’s stuff, even when it did seem a little out there. This season has just been tough to stomach – he’s digging even deeper (weekly 10+ page recaps) trying to find something that may explain the show, and I feel he’s missing out on the enjoyment of the conclusion. Others that have poured themselves into LOST may feel like the story should be resolved the way they want it, and the flash sideways have deprived them of “their” LOST, which upsets them.

    The other camp seems to be the people who have just sat back and taken it all in. I’m not going to pretend I reside only in this camp, as I’ve done my share of theorizing. But in the end, it’s Damon and Carlton’s story. Condsidering how they’ve entertained me over 6 seasons of what I think is the best show on television now – maybe ever – they’ve earned my trust. I’ve felt that the story telling this season has reached the same bar as LOST always has, and I’m very excited to see how it all plays out. Going into Season 6 I left my expectations at the door, and I’ve loved the season because of it.

    • The Magician

      I have to say, Jensen’s columns are the most ludicrous, pretentious pieces of navel-gazing nonsense you will ever read about Lost.

      I’m still convinced his columns simply exist to flaunt how well-read he is (or how well wikiped-ied, anyway).

      • dd


        • Eural Joiner

          Hey, leave Doc Jensen alone! 🙂
          I’ve really enjoyed reading his stuff – and, yes, it is over the top many times but its a load of fun and I’ve learned a lot about dozens of topics I never even knew existed. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s part of the fun and thrill of “Lost.”

          BTW, that’s another element I love about the show. I read 4 or 5 recappers and thoroughly enjoy their often competing and contrary analysis. It’s a wonderful give and take that really adds to my viewing (and discussing experience) and it’s unique to the world of “Lost.” Do I agree with all of them all of the time? No, but it’s still fun! (I check Jensen, Fishbiscuit, Vozzek and MMorse on – my favorite easily – on a regular basis.)

          • gusteaux

            I too find that certain recappers who I have read weekly for three plus years have been a large part of my “Lost Experience” (no pun intended). Jeff Jenson, Fishbiscuit, Vozzek and Erica (E@longlivelocke) are the four I’ve stuck with. Each has their own style, bias and p.o.v. I know their has been a lot of criticism this season, (and I’ve contributed my share too), but in the end, we are all lovers of Lost and (in that sense) one big family (notice the absence of the word “happy” between big and family). We have shared this amazing experience together and we have all enjoyed it more because of the shared experience. Being able to comment on, reply to, agree with and argue with the recappers, and each other, has enhanced the “Lost Experience” beyond that of any other television show I’ve ever followed. I’d like to say thank you to all (the recappers and the readers) for making this the greatest viewing experience of my life…along with the writers, producers and actors of course. It’s been a blast and something those who only discover Lost after it ends on DVD will never be able to appreciate.

      • ErasedSlate

        And, some of us appreciate his navel gazing. I find his columns alot of fun, as they are intended to be. How awesome would it be to have a job where you could incorporate your passions with your analysis?

    • Ben’s Glasses

      There are also those of us who want nothing more than simple good drama with a dose of mystery – like in Tabula Rasa as a good example. No more, no less.

      But for that you have to feel like the writers truly care and are trying for perfection even if they fall short. This season though there is a slapdash quality to the show that comes out sometimes – such as Hurley’s clumsily dramatized talk to Michael or simple errors like Sun and Locke arriving at the same time at the hospital.

      Just pointing out a subset.

      • Ben’s Glasses

        Also – I think there’s an underlying crankiness in the fanbase from the show not being ensemble oriented enough this season. The premiere and the last episode were satisfyingly about many points of view, but we needed more like those. Too often this season major characters have spent entire episodes sitting around waiting.

      • milo

        “simple errors like Sun and Locke arriving at the same time at the hospital” Why is that an error?

  • Levi

    I think the show has been absolutely terrible the past few seasons and the interviews I’ve seen with these guys give me no confidence that this is going to end well. These guys have ruined the show and seem to have no idea of what made it so interesting to begin with. The biggest mystery left is how so many people can continue to be entertained by it. I don’t think we’re watching the same show. There is a quantifiable drop in production values, plotting, character development, and writing, and like some Orwellian nightmare we only ever hear from the creators about how focused they are on those specific things. Yeah right. It’s at the point now where virtually every action taken, every line spoken, gets an eye-roll and an “Oh my god…” out of me. The best part is their repeating that the only thing they think they owe the audience is how the timelines converge – something that none of us ever cared about for five seasons and has been implemented in the most boring way possible. These guys are pulling a George Lucas and I hope they never live it down when the finale inevitably bombs.

    • brlebu

      The best thing about your post is that you epitomize those of your ilk.

      You complain about how terrible every aspect of the show is, yet you continue to watch it.


      • The Magician

        Not only this, but he actually visits, and posts on, a fan site for the show.

    • dd

      So what is this “quantifiable drop?” I haven’t seen it, and I’m more than willing to bet my tastes are much more refined than yours.

    • Jennifer

      I have my complaints, but don’t compare them to George Lucas! No no no. No one has ever as thoroughly ruined their own work the way Lucas did. No Jar Jars in sight, unless you count Zoe.

  • TVBuzzKill

    The show weekly questions immortality, existence, free will, god, morality, altruism, enlightenment, and punishment. Humanity’s greatest issues are folded into little fortune cookies for your mind, chicken nuggets for the soul… it made us all go hmm and wow.
    It will spawn copy cats, fan fiction and video games. People who have never contemplated their navels will have done so, repeatedly, some will read books for the first time.
    I want more History but will take his story… maybe a future movie that wraps up more loose ends (twenty years later or LOST: next generation?)

    Bon Voyage and a petit!