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Anagrams? Hieroglyphics? Four Toes? This MUST be Lost…

By docarzt,

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Reader Don is looking at the game in the right perspective: the LOST perspective.  Just take a look at these findings he sent along to me via e-mail:

So I just sent you an email, but Oscar Talbot is the guy
from the boat on  His name is an anagram for Bast Locator.  Bast
is the Egyptian Cat Goddess that has dun dun dun…… FOUR TOES!  This
with the fact that there are hieroglyphics in the hatch…  I think this is
a big clue that means something.

  • Wow! Great job to Don! I guess we got kind of lazy this game with everything pretty much handed to us at…or so we thought!

  • Edward B

    Nice catch, I think you’ve found it:


    Thanks. I always try to contribute, but usually my ideas aren’t so hot. I felt pretty good about this one. The bigger issue becomes what does it mean that he’s looking for the statue, and why was the statue ever even there? I have no idea about that one.


  • Congrats i think you may be onto something big here
    here a re cap of the foot anyway

  • microwavemaker
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  • zcnxmbv

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