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By Koobie,

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Here is your chance to earn something for your Jacob-like Lost Theorizing abilities.  Tonight and tomorrow we will be launching two different ways to earn your very own Shambala T-Shirt from the Lost Boys Project.  While you are waiting for the next portion of the Find815 ARG to launch, tease your brain a bit.  The good Doc has come up with a theory that Mr. Talbot does not actually work for the Maxwell Group.  So if he does not work for the Maxwell Group, who does he really work for?

200719458v3_240x240_Front.jpgSo head on over to the Forums (comments do not count) and tell us your theories on Talbot’s employer, whoever gets it right will be put in a drawing to win a t-shirt!  The contest will end with the ARG and the winner will be announced shortly after.  Namaste and Good Luck.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the premiere specific contest tomorrow!