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Find 815 – Chapter 2 Recap

By Koobie,

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recapthumb.jpgThis week has had some girth to it, and you may want to pick up on some of the things that you may have missed. Who is the man behind the glitch?  What is the clue word to find my last clue?  What do all those grayed out numbers mean in that mysterious email?  Here is everything you need to know about chapter 2!

**UPDATE: Theory and FAQ Sections (Parts 6 and 7)** 

Part Zer0: The Man in the Glitch

Where was he?
This mysterious green man was found on a single frame towards the end of the video diary that was posted at the end of chapter one.  In the video he appears purple, but when the color is inverted he appears green.


How do I find him?
There are two ways to find the Man in the Glitch the first way is to head onto and pause the video at the exact second that he appears.  It appears at the end of Sam saying he received “coded messages from this group called Maxwell.”  The other alternative is video capture and pulling apart the frames, which is explained in this Find 815 for dummies installment.

Who is he?!
The first video of chapter two revealed who this mysterious man is, Oscar Talbot.

Part One: Adventure at Sea

If you would go to right now you would find the recap video that quickly sums up the previous chapter.

The intro shows Sam getting onto the Christiane I, and he has an opportunity to become an asset to the captain if he can fix the boat’s GPS.

Fix the Chart Plotter
The game consists of three different puzzle boards, your goal is to rotate the pieces so that these circuits of the GPS are lined up and grounded within 3 minutes.

Success and Failure
There are two videos that play as a result of how you do on the game.  If you fail Sam has proven nothing, but if you win you secure Sam a position aboard the Christiane I.



Clue Hunt: Part 2
After a short video, containing Sam getting the broadcast that Amelia Earhart has disappeared, you are once again required to look for clues for each season.  After finding clues 1-3, you have to go play the Black Rock Trivia Game.

Here are the clue locations. (Click to Enlarge)

Black Rock Quiz
Here is a quick quiz, where you have to listen to Tracey’s voicemail message about the Black Rock.  There are 8 questions and they vary for everyone.  After you finish the quiz with a 100%, you are awarded the clue word ‘423 Cheyne Walk’.  Enter that into the Season 4 clue, and it will be revealed.

Video Diary
Sam recaps his travels from the past week.

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Part Two: More Mum Worries

Second Message from Mum 
Mum is still worried about Sam, and would like it if he would call her back.

Part Three: Emails

new-email-find-815 The first email is a research request for Tracey.  There are some interesting factors, Sam tells Tracey that Tracey was always “Better at this sort of thing.”  That could be a general statement, but has Sam been involved in sleuthing before?


This is the accidental release from last week, and it is about Sam getting his ducks in order with Oceanic Air.
email-week2-sent3 Sam is sending Tracey another research request, this time it is about Mr. Talbot.  After a quick status report about being on the Christiane I, Sam reveals Mr. Talbot’s first name, Oscar. Sam also says Mr. Talbot is a real ‘slippery fellow’ and he thinks if he knows more informaton about Talbot, he will ultimately learn more about where the expidition is headed.
email-week2-sent4 During the Clue Hunt video, Sam hears a strange broadcast about the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.  He is emailing the Broadcast Authority to find the origin of the message.
email-week2-sent5 A third email to Tracey gives us a heads up that something is going on with his camera, and strange images may appear in the video diary.


This email is sent by “Sender” and has no subject, and the body consists of 27 lines of numbers.  Some of the numbers are lighter than others and when put together form -11.1784. This is theorized (by Lectric74 and Technoprep) to be the latitude coordinate of Flight 815!  See the theory section for more information.
email-week2-rec2 The company that Sam applied for last week, Austral Air, does not have any available positions for Sam at the moment.
email-week2-rec3 Tracey’s first email of the week turns up no results for Sam’s ‘Black Rock’ request, but it does find a couple things on Mr. Talbot.  He comes from a wealthy family that has a blurry history in the diamond trade.
email-week2-rec4 The Broadcasting Authority did not have any broadcasts that were about Amelia Earhart, but they told him there is a possibility of the boradcast to come from amateur radio.
email-week2-rec5 Tracey replies to Sam’s email about the camera, and says there is nothing wrong with it.
email-week2-rec6 Tracey gives Sam a ton of information on the Black Rock, it adds a little more information to the voicemail report from the quiz.  Specifically the company that owned the Black Rock was bought out, but bought again by the Hanso Group and then renamed.  As a result, the company stayed in the family.

Part Four: Websites

Black Rock  
black-rock The Black Rock website gives another variation of the ship’s lore.
Sunda Stories  

The Sunda Stories website gives the grim history behind the Sunda Trench, it is a site that is just like the Bermuda Triangle. With 21 reports of vanishing craft, our eyes are drawn to the bottom of the page:

“In addition to these, there have been reports of a high incidence of unexplained electronics failure in the area. Compasses have also been known to behave erratically.”

Could this be the result of some kind of unique electromagnetic properties?

Amelia Earhart  
amelia-earhart This website gives some background on Amelia Earhart, and talks briefly of her disappearance.

Part Five: Vandalism Strikes! 

Before chapter 2 started there were reports of the Oceanic Air billboards being tagged with, all the billboards are now tagged with the site. (Click to Enlarge)

Los Angeles, CA (Thanks to Louie)
IMG00139.jpgNew York, NY (Thanks to Adam at DarkUFO)
NewYork-vandal.gifPortland, OR (Thanks to Sindol)
portland-vandal-find815.jpgMiami, FL (Thanks to Danny at DarkUFO)
miami-vandal-find815.jpgKnoxville, TN (Thanks to dave)

Part Six: Theoretical Analysis

The Latitude of Flight 815
A satellite image that shows the line for the -11.1784 latitude.  There is also a theory that this might have something to do with the Black Rock and the location of the island.  If you notice that line cross pretty close to Papua New Guinea. Acording to the history revealed during TLE that is where the Black Rock was last seen. (source: Lectric74 and Technoprep) (Click image to Enlarge)

-11.1874.JPGAdam and Eve: Earhart and Noonan
It has been speculated that Adam and Eve were Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan since season 1, but in light of the recent broadcast this theory comes up once again.  Team Game Brazil has put all the facts together, the producers hinted towards the possibility with the Herarat Aviation reference in “Not in Portland” which is an anagram for Earhart.

Amelia Earhart is an Other
SpOOky has another Amelia Earhart theory, that she is Amelia the Other.

Morse Code in the Air Waves
During the Clue Hunt video, Sam experienced some static along with the Earhart broadcast. This static was theorized to be the Morse Code of the numbers, but DocArzt has since debunked the theory.  The static is only aesthetic.

Part Seven: Frequently Asked Questions

In this section I will answer any questions you have about the game.  You can either ask the questions in the comments section, or email them to me here.

Q: I did everything in Chapters 1 and 2, but my activity is still not filled in on chapter 1.  What do I do to fix that?
A: All you need to do is start chapter 1 over again, do the two email games (the picture differences and the maxwell group email), and then the box will turn green!

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