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Find 815 – Chapter 3 Recap

By Koobie,

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Sorry for the delay folks, here is the Chapter 3 Recap!





Chapter 3: Video Recap

I’m trying something a little different this week.  Instead of having little video clips all over the place, the whole chapter is being put into one giant video!  Here is the direct link.

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Part One: Snooping Around the Christiane I

Rummaging through Talbot’s Cabin
After the intro to the chapter, Sam wants to find out who Mr. Talbot works for.  After seeing that Talbot left his cabin open, he decides to sleuth around.  After some creative problem solving you will have access to Mr. Talbot’s briefcase.  Notice that the letters A.M.M. are stamped on the front of the briefcase, then look up A. Mullins on the Satellite phone.  His number is 259-852-930, since all the numbers have ‘259’ omit it, and the code to open the briefcase is 852-930.

Strange Electrical Interference
While walking about the Chrisitane I at night Sam comes across some strange behavior by the electronics, then the Clue Hunt: Part 3 starts up.
Mr. Talbot’s Search Grid
Once again you have to work for your season 4 clue, after finding the newspaper you are redirected to their network partner’s website.  In this game you have to connect all the waypoint paths without going over the same patch twice.  Here is DocArzt’s solution:

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Tunisian Newspaper
Here is the translation of the Season 4 Clue from DarkUFO:

“Flight 815: The leaders of Oceanic Airlines maintain their decision
The american airline company oceanic maintains its decision to give up…
Research of flight 815 .The boing 777 is reported missing since September
Were on board of this flight, which we lost the trace between Sydney, in
Australia and…
Neither wreck nor survivors have been found. According to the leaders of the
anic, despite all their efforst, of which a big operation of research intro…….”

Sam’s Diary: Now with more Glitches!
Sam recaps his week, and announces that he has figured out the messages and will use Talbot’s Search Grid to find the location of Flight 815.  There were also a hefty amount of glitches, check them out here.

Part Two: Oh No, Sam Lost his Miles!

Sam finally gets a phone call from someone other than his “mum”.  This time it is from an Oceanic Air Executive, name, and he is going to take Sam’s miles away.  The waveform on this message is interesting, it switches in between left and right, could this be Morse code?

Part Three: Emails

email-week3-sent1 Sam asks Tracey to let his “mum” know that he is fine, and says that he won’t be home beofre Christams.  Could this mean that this is taking place before Christmas of 2004?
email-week3-sent2 Ian and Pam, Sonya’s parents, have asked Sam to sta with them during his and Sonya’s Anniversary.  He has declined seeing as he is out of the area.
email-week3-sent3 Sam is asking Tracey what could have happened with the electronics to make them randomly malfunction.
email-week3-rec1 The second cryptic email, this time with all letters.  It may have the solution to the longitude of Flight 815, check out the theory section for more information.
email-week3-rec2 Ian and Pam, Sonya’s Parents, are asking Sam to stay with them during his anniversary.  They want to help him coup with the loss of Sonya.
email-week3-rec3 Tracey has a few resons why the electronics behaved strangely, but the one that sticks out is that it may have been caused by electromagnetic energy.  Is this energy coming from the island?

Tracey also tells Sam he needs a vacation, and should check out

Part Four: The Search for the Maxwell Group  
week3-website The website Sam pulled up is the result of him finding that Talbot is directly tied to the Maxwell Group.  
bali_site_real Although Bali Holiday Fun was not featured on Sam’s Laptop, Tracey mentioned it in her last email message.

After emailing, you will get a cryptic message.

Inside the message is a site,, which contains a picture of a Stegosaurus.


Part Five: Theory

The cryptic message sent at the beginning of the week is theorized to have the longitude set of coordinates.  Some letters in the email are smaller than others, “AABBCFC”.  If A=1, B=2, etc. then the letters should represent the coordinate 112.2363.

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Have questions or more theories?  Drop me an email!

  • TabulaRasa

    May not be the most precise translation, but …

    Headline: Flight 815: Oceanic Executives maintained their …

    The American company Oceanic Airlines supports its decision to abandone the search for flight 815.

    The Boeing 777 disappeared on Sept. 22. 324 were on board this flight, which was lost between Sydney and …(One can assume LA)

    According to the executives of Oceanic, neither wreckage or survivors have been recovered, despite all their efforts, including a search operation in a large trench.

  • xtremdelt8

    I posted this in a different thread a while back, but I wanted to post it again here for some feedback…

    The Christmas thing in the emails makes total sense to me.

    On the Island (in the show) we are in mid December, 2004. I can’t remember the exact date, but I know Christmas is just around the corner.

    If this game is going along with the show, and if Sam is on or near the eventual “rescue” boat, and if the ARG and the show will come together at the beginning of season 4, then for Sam too – Christmas is just around the corner. And since he’s in the middle of the ocean, he obviously won’t make it home for the Holiday.

    *Side note* I’ve always wondered if the show would make mention of the 12/26/04 Tsunami (which began at the Sundra Trench). I doubt they will, but the date and location are coming rather close.

  • TabulaRasa

    I don’t think this is spoilery, it is speculation. I believe this is all prequel stuff to the events of season 4. The game has been very protective of the dates when these events are happening. I even looked at the stock quotes on the original newscast, and they do not match up with any date.

    I think these events have happened weeks before Naomi reaches the island. Sam is on the boat that discovers flight 815 in the trench off of Bali (which is where Naomi said that they found the plane and the passengers). And there has to be enough time for Charlie’s band to compile another record in his memory. Sam is not here on his own, but was led by cryptic emails and events to eventually discover the plane. So, I think this is closer to the time when the hatch imploded.

  • xtremdelt8

    I think that’s a solid theory….However,

    That would mean that the official airline search for 815 lasted only what…45 days or so before it was called off. Does anyone know how long these kind of searches things last? (In real life)

    I just think that if a 777 goes missing, the company would spend more than a month and a half looking for it before giving up.

    That being said, I do like the idea of Sam’s boat finding the planted 815. And that would give Drive Shaft over a month to compile a Greatest Hits album. Seems plausible.

  • Koobie

    I agree that the ARG will end with Sam finding the remains of Flight 815, but what if the theory about time passing differently on the island is true?

    Then what day it is doesn’t really matter, and the only reason why they have been keeping the actual date in the dark is because they don’t want to reveal the relativity of island time vs normal time.

  • jake

    In another ARG I participated in, there was something I learned of called “Steganography”, the ability to encode hidden messages within an image. I couldn’t help but think of this when I saw the Stegosaurus image, as it seemed out of place, and the file folder name seems to be a clue.

  • June

    For the Talbot’s cabin part, I can only find one of the keys and the cords. Its probably very easy and silly of me to ask, but I am honestly stuck. How do I find the other items?

  • June

    Oh darn it, nevermind, I figured it out.

  • TabulaRasa

    The original pic is posted at

    The Find815 pic has an additional peak that the original photo does not. Even the file size is larger than it should be for that size file. So, I buy into idea that the pic may have additional information. I neither have the patience nor the time to take on this mystery.

  • Koobie

    There is something embedded in the picture, you have to use a program called OpenStego to get it out. The catch is the information is password protected.

  • jake

    so I was right about the steganography?

  • Koobie

    yep 😉

  • Bizzle

    password is X4x98adf09 for stego

  • Cam Dill

    I am probably really old on this but has anybody else realized that there is a face hidden in the doorway of the cabin search for clues?

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