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Find 815 – Chapter 4 Recap

By Koobie,

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recap4 The rules of the game have changed this week, with more going on by the blogs than on the actual site.  Which means all the more reason to have a recap that encompasses every aspect of the game this week.  Think you may have missed something?  Don’t worry, here is everything you need to know for Week 4 of the Find 815 ARG. 

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Chapter 4: Video Recap

Here is the complete video of chapter 4. Note that it features both the failure and success videos. Here is the direct link.

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Part One: Snooping Around the Christiane I

Hacking the Chart Plotter
Sam has decoded the two mysterious emails and has his coordinates! However, he must use Talbot’s Chart Plotter to locate the position.  He switches off the display, tells the captain that there is something wrong with it, and precedes to hack into the plotter to use it.  Your job is to make sure he finds the password before Ockham comes back with Talbot.  This is the hardest game to date, and there are few tricks to getting the right password in time.  Here is DocArzt’s strategy.
Mysterious Green Lights
The Clue Hunt starts with an intro of Sam looking off the side of the Christiane I.  He sees a strange green light, and grabs some binoculars to grab a closer look.  Could this be the result of the hatch detonation? (Check Part 7: Theories for more information)
Hunting for Clues, Again
The Clue Hunt has been featured in every chapter so far, so here we go again.  The clues from this week are:  Vincent, The Swan, Naomi’s Parachute, and a Santa Rosa: Mental Health Institute Bottle.  Vincent is found in the top-left of the shelf, The Swan is in the middle of the table, the Parachute is to the left of the LCD Screen, and the Pills are found above the First Aid cabinet. Click here for the images.
Find the Waypoint Locations
Before you have access to the Season 4 Clue, you have to locate the positions of different coordinates on the Chart Plotter.  Depending on where you play the game the clue words are Frank Lapidus and Miles Straume.
Santa Rosa
The Season 4 Hint is the Santa Rosa: Mental Health Institute Bottle, but what do the numbers mean on the bottom of the bottle? (see Part 6: Cryptic Puzzles for the answer)
Sam’s Diary: 20% More Equations!
In this weeks video diary Sam recaps his week, and shows how confused he is over Mr. Talbot.  He also says that his 8th Anniversary with Sonya is coming up. There are more and more glitches each week, this time a famous paper by James Clerk Maxwell is shown in several of them.

Part Two: Investing Works!

This weeks voicemail is from Richard, and he says that the Box Company that Sam invested in has burned down.  Sam will be getting that money from it, which is much larger than his severance pay from Oceanic Air.

Part Three: Emails

email-week4-sent1 The first sent email is Sam’s response to Richard’s call about the money from insurance, he just needs some tax details.
email-week4-sent2 This email is for Tracey, Sam says he won’t follow up on the holiday (which means he is oblivious to everything to do with OpenStego), and he asks her if his mum is still speaking to him.
email-week4-sent3 Another one for Tracey, Sam is asking her what the green lights he saw were.
email-week4-rec1 Tracey sent an email with a mum update, her worries are eased a bit with the news of Sam.
email-week4-rec2 This is the third mysterious email, when decrypted it becomes “Love you Madly.” (See Part 6: Cryptic Puzzles for solution)
email-week4-sent3 Tracey responds to Sam’s last message about the green lights.  She jokes a bit, and explains they are the Aurora Australis, which are natural.  However, she says they may be related to the strange behavior of the equipment on the bridge (in Chapter 3’s Clue Hunt).

Part Four: Websites

Hidden Numbers in Sunda Trench  
sundatrenchnum This hidden chart of numbers was found hidden on one of Sam’s Laptop websites called Sunda Trench.  What could they mean?
Aurora Australis  
04website_Aurora Fueled by his curiosity and Tracey’s scientific knowhow, Sam has visited an informational page on the Aurora Australis.
Part Five: The OpenStego Saga
Only a week ago, in a forum just a few clicks from here, someone posted a cryptic message containing skulls that were found to lead to a encoded message inside a stegosaurus.  This someone was OurMutualFriend42, while many people (myself included) dismissed the message as nothing, she turned out to be the real deal.  Let’s start at the beginning…


A Subtle Hint Drop
OurMutualFriend42 (OMF42) posted an image that was composed of different skulls, this image turned out to be a kind of font.  Once you would type the skulls as the appeared in the image and switched the font, the message would appear as  The website seemed as a normal, cheesy, travel website, but it was only a picture.  In the description of the travel agency they had a contact email,  Upon emailing it, you will get a cryptic message.


Inside the message is a site,, which contains a picture of a Stegosaurus.  But that was the end of the trail until later in the week. (See the full autoreply
Hidden Morse Code Message
In the voicemail message that Sam received last week, the waveform showed a shift between left and right speaker.  These shifts turned out to be Morse code, the message read: OpenStego. (Image Credit: Persagax)


Enter OpenStego
The description from its home page reads: “OpenStego is a tool implemented in Java for image based steganography, with support for password-based encryption and decryption of the data.  It currently supports embedding of messages/files in a 24bpp images.”  This image is the Stegosaurus, but what could be the password?
Braille Glitch
In the Chapter 3 Video Diary, there is a frame that contains braille characters.  When translated the braille message has just a bunch of random letters (with/DXINADFJI), but does not end up being the password for the Stegosaurus picture. (Image Credit: Steff)

BRAILE Video Diary3

Arrows and Numbers
After a week of guessing passwords with no payout, a frame of the hack the Chart Plotter Success video has some hidden arrows and number signs.  The arrows correspond to upper and lower case letters, and the numbers are the braille equivalent.  This gives the OpenStego password: X4x98adf09


Walt Whitman’s Famous Poem
The encrypted information from the image is in binary code, which can be translated into ASCII, and then finally into the title of Walt Whitman’s poem, When I heard the Learn’d Astronomer.  Here is the poem:

“When I heard the learn’d astronomer;
When the proofs, the figures, were ranged in columns before me;
When I was shown the charts and the diagrams, to add, divide, and measure them;
When I, sitting, heard the astronomer, where he lectured with much applause in the lecture-room,
How soon, unaccountable, I became tired and sick;
Till rising and gliding out, I wander’d off by myself,
In the mystical moist night-air, and from time to time,
Look’d up in perfect silence at the stars.”

That is where the saga ends, but don’t worry there may be something that connects with it.  OurMutualFriend42 has sent out more information in the form of a flickr account (read about it below).

Part Six: Other Cryptic Puzzles

T. Killen in the Hack
An old contact from the first chapter has reemerged!  Everytime Sam uses the hack program in the Hacking the Chart Plotter game, some numbers always stay the same, 45 75 73 76 76 69 78 95 84 45.  These numbers correspond to
-KILLEN-T-, who is rumored to be one of the designers for the game. (Source:
Cryptic Love Letter
Sam recieved another cryptic email this week, but this time it wasn’t coordinates.  The code translates into “Love You Madly.”  Once all the numbers are removed 24 anagrams of two-digit numbers remained.  These anagrams are doubled so the numbers aren’t misinterpreted, leaving 12 numbers, 12 15 22 5 25 15 22 13 1 4 12 25.  Which translates into
“L O V E Y O U M A D L Y.” (Source:
Pill Bottle Secrets
TAE over at DarkUFO was the one to find the hidden message on the pill bottle (with help by a mysterious poster named “Lost Forever”).  The numbers translate into each letter of the alphabet (A=1, B=2, C=3, etc..), and must be inverted to become useheaddsj tgfmkudmw.  Then put the letters through a Caesarian Cipher and set N to 8.  The result is campmillar bonusclue, which can be found here.
OurMutualFriend42 Images
OMF42 has put some images up on flickr.  They are of her superimposed on the big dipper, along with many other astronomy themed images (Walt Whitman).  There is also a definition of anagram.
Video Glitches lead to Electromagnetism Paper
In this weeks video diary there are many glitches, but a large number of them contain images from James Clerk Maxwell’s Paper on Electromagnetism from March 1861.  (Source:

Part Seven: Theory

Lost Island Found?
Team Brazil has come up with a theory which pegs Rotuma Island as being THE Island.  They found this by inverting the coordinates by switching east and west.  The basis for the swap is that the Maxwell Group’s comapss is inverted and the astronomers compass is inverted (Source:
Could James Clerk Maxwell be Jacob?
The wikipedia picture of J. C. Maxwell has a striking resemblance to the way Jacob was portrayed in Season 3.  xENigMax over at DarkUFO has put the two pictures together, and the result is uncanny.
Hatch Explosion Caused the Mysterious Lights
Rafael, who is a member of Team Game Brazil, has created another theory that the hatch explosion could have caused the Aroura that Sam saw.  The electromagnetic energy that came as a result of the explosion could last for more than days, and cause disturbances just like the one Sam saw.  Since the explosion happened November 25, and Sam came around the next month this is a plausible explanation.
Is the island hidden by a strong electromagnetic field?
Another mysterious chatroom presence, “Lasagna Resumes”, has lead to the theory of CTC by some posters over at DarkUFO.  The mysterious chatter has been talking in anagrams, and lead the folks present in the chatroom to a wikipedia page about “Closed Timelike Curves (CTC).”  Apparently, these CTCs were tested during WWII to render a battleship invisible, could this same method be used to cloak the island?  Please Note that both instances of “Lasagna Resumes” and “OurMutualFriend42” in this chat are unconfirmed, and could be completely fake.

Part Eight: Win a Shambala T-Shirt!

Theorize Mr. Talbot’s True Employer
Head on over to the Forums, and tell us your theories on Talbot’s employer, whoever gets it right will be put in a drawing to win a t-shirt!  There are three different choices for who the employer could be, even if you have a guess we want to hear it!  The contest will end with the ARG and the winner will be announced shortly after.  Namaste and Good Luck.

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