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Find 815 – Chapter 5 Recap

By Koobie,

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recap5Wow what an intense week of Find 815, Sam did not find the Black Rock, but in fact found Flight 815!  Here is the final Find 815 recap…






Chapter 5: Video Recap (Coming Soon)

Watch the final chapter of Find 815 in one big chunk, includes failure videos.  For the full Find 815 video click here.

Part One: Sam Finds the ‘Black Rock’

Navigating the Reef
The Chapter starts off with Sam telling Ockham that he can triple his money, just if they use his coordinates to find the Black Rock.  Ockham punches in the coordinates, and tells Sam to steer the ship while he distracts Mr. Talbot.  Unfortunately for Sam, reefs have just been detected and he has to avoid them.  When the picture of the reef radar is viewed in its entirety, it looks like Sonya.


The Wind Plays Tricks on You
Sam hears Sonya calling him, Ockham explains that it is only the wind.  “The wind plays tricks on you when you are this far out here,” then the last clue hunt begins…


Braving the Storm 
After you find the first 3 season clues, your are sent to take control of the Christiane I during a storm.  Avoid electrically charged clouds and tidal waves to keep from being taken down.  If you successfully get through the storm without wrecking the ship, you get the clue word: Southfields
Sam’s Diary: The Man in the Glitch II
Sam is very excited in his last video diary, he exclaims “We found it!”  But he isn’t the star this time, the glitches pop up more prominently than any other time.  Who is this Man in the Glitch?  Mr. Talbot makes his return in Sam’s video glitches, and it seems he is giving a report in finding Flight 815… (Image Credit: José)


The Search for the Black Rock
Sam’s final task aboard the Christiane I is to pilot the drones inside the Sunda Trench, and look for the Black Rock.  Your job is to hit all the waypoints in 3 minutes.  The best way to achieve it is to do the bottom to rows of waypoints at once, and the top two rows in a zig-zag pattern.
That’s not the Black Rock…
Sam finds nothing from the search grid and Ockham really starts to lose it.  But then, what’s this?  A plane?  It isn’t the Black Rock after all, but Oceanic Air Flight 815.

Part Two: Sam isn’t alone…

Tracey gives Sam a call. She says she knows his anniversary is coming up, and wants to reassure him that he isn’t alone.  She is there if he needs here.

Part Three: Emails

email-week5-sent1 Sam has gotten an offer for a job, but declines it based on his current circumstances.
email-week5-sent2 Sam responds to Tracey’s Voice Mail, but he says he doesn’t have the time to talk.  He says something bad is going on…
email-week5-rec1 Sam has been offered the job that he requested way back in the earlier chapters.
email-week5-rec2 The last cryptic email of the game, it reads 411151057.  This translates to “All is Lost” from ‘Leet’ (or 1337) speak. (411 15 1057 = ALL IS LOST)

Part Four: Websites

Ocean Forecasts  
oceanforecasts This website predicts the rough weather in the Braving the Storm game.  Something else to note, when the image is darkened a graph is revealed.
Updated Maxwell Group Site  
maxwellgroup The Maxwell Group website ( has been updated.  Its spiffed up, and has an interview of Mr. Talbot on finding the Flight 815 crash. The ship in the logo is directly from the Chapter 3 Clue Hunt.

Part Five: The Aftermath

The End of Find 815… or is it?
The end of Find 815 was very unsettling, even though it was exactly as the title said, Flight 815 was found.  It ended in tragically for our hero, but could there be more?  The Maxwell Group website was updated even though we have yet to get a password.
How Find 815 ties into LOST
That is the big question, how exactly does Find 815 tie into lost?  As a treat for reading my recaps, here is your answer:

WARNING SPOILERS FOLLOW!!! (Spoiler Font for your protection):

The next episode of Lost (4.02: Confirmed Dead), starts with the drones from the Christiane I searching the Sunda Trench.  Brace yourselves, these drones do not belong to Sam and Mr. Talbot, but some other treasure seekers.  They aren’t having any luck, and are feeling a little bit of despair.  They get some strange readings, one asks, “Could it be Doubloons?”  Instead of treasure, they see the a wing of a plane with a familiar logo, “Oh my God, It’s Oceanic Flight 815!”

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Have questions or theories?  Drop me an email!

  • Donnie


    How does that make sense? Alternate reality? We spent 5 weeks learning how Flight 815 was found, but, it wasn’t found that way…
    WTF Doc? I’m confused.

  • Koobie

    My theory is that the difference is a casualty of the writer’s strike.

  • technoprep

    I agree with you, Doc…unsettling. It just points to the fact that the 815 in the trench is a fake…or a plant to ensure that they will stop looking for the crash site. Reading your spoiler confirms that. WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? AND WHY?

    The positive point: it filled a few weeks of time while we waited for the S4 premier!!!

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