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Find 815 – New Email!

By Koobie,

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*UPDATE* I was a little behind on the emails guys, heres the latest.

Sam received a new email from Tracey, she is giving Sam a full report on her findings on the Black Rock and Oscar Talbot. She hasn’t much information on the Black Rock, but that changed with the quiz during last nights update.


Black Rock aside, she confirmed Sam’s suspicions of Mr. Talbot and told him that the Talbot’s have a ‘sketchy history’ in the diamond trade. Sam is given a warning to stay away from Mr. Talbot.

  • k_cat

    I’m pretty sure that email was there before the quiz on ABC’s site 🙂

  • Koobie

    lol guess I am a little behind on the emails, I’ll update it, Thanks!

  • elyana

    Hi guys!
    Just to tell you that there’s a lot of updates on find815. New e-mails, new web pages and a new voice messagem from Sam’s mom. And the site Sam uses to research has changed from to
    And in a unrelated note, it’s very hot here in Brazil 😉

  • Koobie

    Thanks for the heads up! We are working on getting everything up now. 🙂