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Find 815 – New Website and Emails

By Koobie,

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  • HumeLocke

    I beleive that the malfunction was caused by Locke not pushing the button and blowing the hatch. The times coincide. I also wanted to ask Doc if he plans on posting whatever happens after the last clue hunt.

  • Stagmo

    I wonder if the greyed out numbers from the last cryptic email represent where to find the right letters in the new one to spell something?

  • Stagmo

    Actually I just realized that some of the letters are smaller than the rest, the letters are: A B B C F C (let me know if I missed any though). Now to figure out what they mean…

  • daisy

    Music notes ?
    Morse code ?
    Corresponding numbers ?

  • daisy

    Music notes ?
    Morse code ?
    Corresponding numbers ?

  • All Hail Mikhail

    A B B C F C. Think of it like the other note we found with the gray numbers. Google Earth is a fun place to start.

    Has anyone emailed the yet from their website?

  • Rabbit777

    I just emailed it and got what appears to be a string of gibberish from someone called mr Ole.
    I guess it’s a code. ­čÖé

  • All Hail Mikhail

    Regarding Sounds like “Amuses Mr. Ole” could be an anagram to me. It’s too obscure of a sentence fragment to mean anything straight up. The only word I can pick out that may have meaning is “Sam”. I suck at anagrams. Anyone got something more?

  • Frank

    From another site:

    So how does one come up with that site?
    The message has everything in it, you just have to find it in the message, I used CTRL+F, and searched for the (┬┐) symbol. Everything is within the (┬┐) and the slash (\)

    Sample: ┬┐PARTIAL MESSAGe\


    Note: “Amuses Mr Ole” is a anagram of “Samuel Morse”


    The stegosaurus picture was taken at the Ba?t├│w Jurassic Park, Poland.
    It belongs to the Delta Association

    Don’t know if it’s revelant…