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Find 815 – Other Set of Coordinates Found and New Emails

By Koobie,

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  Comments: 6 has just been updated with 4 new emails, one of which contains the longitude coordinates of Flight 815. (click to enlarge)

email-week3-rec1.jpgOut of this cryptic alphabet email, we can see that some letters are smaller than others.  Here is what Donnie found:

The letters aabcfc are smaller than the rest. Looks like a hex number to me. 
It’s decimal value is 11189500.   Could be the longitude 111.8950 .  Thats right
next to the Sunda Trench.

With the latitude of -11.1784 acquired from the other cryptic email, the location of Flight 815 could be (-11.1784, 111.8950).  There is another theory on DarkUFO (by jlg628jlg) which puts the latitude at 112.2363.

Click through to see the satellite image and the other emails.

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