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Find 815 – Video Recap **UPDATED WITH .AVI**

By Koobie,

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Some of you may be pretty new to the whole Find 815 thing, and are probably thinking that you really do not want to go through all the work to find the back story on the ‘Golden Pass’ commercial or just want to relive the story of Sam Thomas in its entirety.  Don’t fret, here is the complete story of, the total runtime is less than 42 minutes (just think of it as another episode of Lost).  There are also recaps on the first four chapters (chapter 5 is coming soon), just encase you want to dig a little deeper.

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

If you do not wish to watch the episode streaming off the site, your second option is to download it.

Flash Video – find815.flv (175 mb)

Avi (encoded with Dvix) – find815.avi (270 mb)

The flash video requires RealPlayer or VLC player to watch, and the AVI file requires that you have the proper Dvix codec.

  • Dusk

    Any chance you (or anyone) could upload an .AVI of the .FLV?

  • erikburger

    Doc, the download link seems to be damaged!
    Can you fix it..i would love to have this one on my comp.

    I would really like an avi file to!

  • Koobie

    The .avi file will be up later today, it is encoded with dvix.

  • MonkSatyr

    You can also use VLC ( to play flv files (and it has nearly every codec needed all ready to go, no searching or downloading new codex). And it has a very small footprint so those on slower computers can really benefit. Hope it helps 🙂

  • Canadian Buddy

    Doc, Koobie,

    Is there more to this game than this? The commercial during Eli Stone is steering people to the game sites. Does that mean that the game was (is) THAT important in following the show? The Maxwell group site was updated, there’s a new picture on the flickr part of the site. Is the game really over? Can you tell me if I’m wasting my time in thinking that find815 is not over?

    Canadian Buddy

  • Koobie

    I’m not sure if the game is over, I did think it was over until they updated the Maxwell Group site… but this is all we have for now.

  • Paul Artisan

    I’ve tried playing it with VLC..but the file seems damaged.
    I can only hear the audio.

    I’ve download it serval times now..

    Koobie / Doc, any solutions?

  • Koobie

    The .avi will be up in an hour, just a little longer…

    But the problem with the flash may be the codec. Try getting the k-lite codec pack, it works wonders!

  • Dusk

    Thanks Koobie!

  • Koobie

    No Problem, Hope you like it! 🙂

  • Dusk

    Hey Koobie, sorry to be a bother. I downloaded it and also K-Lite (full version), the file seems to be corrupted and plays with many previous scenes of the video glitching over current ones. I tried all the players on my system (including WMP) to no avail. Any ideas?

  • Koobie

    I have no idea, I am using the same codec with windows media player…

    Try downloading the dvix player at

  • Travis

    Does anybody notice the metallic tapping in the background(morse code?) at the end of Chapter 5? when Talbot is speaking? This seems to be what is drawing Sam’s attention.